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The latest news and analysis related to the UK's legal target to release net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

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Environmental Politics

COP26’s first week: Pretty words, big money and angry activists

Policing around the COP26 venue has been heavy. Photograph: Environmental Justice Foundation

The opening few days of the critical Glasgow climate talks have been accompanied by pledges on finance, forests, cleantech and methane and national emission cuts, but there is growing resentment outside the gates, Gareth Simkins reports... Read more

Climate change

Is the road to net zero paved with good intentions?

Photograph: Dave G Kelly/Getty Images

Is the UK government’s long-awaited Net Zero Strategy a ‘credible mechanism to drive delivery’ or is it full of ‘major holes and optimistic assumptions’? David Burrows investigates

Latest news

Environmental Politics

‘Walk the talk’ after COP26, say government climate advisers

In a stocktake of the COP26 climate talks, the Climate Change Committee has called on the government to reinvigorate the domestic climate agenda and continue to engage internationally

Environmental Politics

BEIS denies request for Net Zero Strategy carbon cuts

The government has refused to accept a freedom of information request for the estimated greenhouse gas emission reductions from individual policies outlined in the Net Zero Strategy, stymying independent scrutiny


Clean growth minister denies ‘puny’ steps to net zero

Greg Hands, the minister responsible for implementing the Net Zero Strategy, has rejected suggestions that the government has only made limited steps towards doing so

Land, Ecology & Development

‘Real potential’: Landowners who own a third of England strike nature restoration deal

Landowners who own large swathes of England have struck a deal to restore the natural environment and use their land to help tackle climate change



BECCS, DACCS and blue carbon: Everything you need to know about negative emissions technologies

Sucking CO2 directly from the air itself is only one negative emissions technology. Photograph: Climeworks

MPs have announced an inquiry into how greenhouse gases can be absorbed and stored. Here’s what you need to know about capturing emissions from biomass combustion, filtering CO2 from the air and other rival ideas

Environmental Politics

‘Coal, cars, cash and trees’: What to expect at COP26

The Glasgow climate talks, which begin in just over a month, will seek new commitments to cut methane emissions, dump coal power and finalise rules on global emissions trading. Here’s what you need to know

Environmental Politics

Live consultations: Energy NPSs, beavers, marine environment, local biodiversity, water abstraction charges and hydrogen

ENDS’ round-up of the latest major government consultations, including major changes to the infrastructure planning regime for energy infrastructure, nature recovery strategies, beaver reintroduction and part three of the marine strategy...

Editor's Pick

10 ways the government must step up on climate adaptation, according to its own advisers

The government has responded to the climate change criticisms of the CCC. Photograph: Andrew Hasson/Getty Images

The Committee on Climate Change has criticised the government over its failure to prepare the country for the impacts of climate change, recommending it step up action on land and water management. Here’s what you need to know about the committee’s concerns and Whitehall’s response

Environmental Politics

How is the Conservative Party grappling with net zero?

Photograph: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

The government wants to lead the world on climate action and attract younger voters, but competing forces within the party will not make the transition a simple one. Simon Pickstone reports

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