Net Zero 

The latest news and analysis related to the UK's legal target to release net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

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Products & Chemicals

What links chemicals and climate change?

Grangemouth petrochemical works

At first glance, the links between climate change and chemical pollution are not easy to see. But they are closer than some might expect, reports Gareth Simkins

Carbon reporting

Is regulation needed to prevent net zero greenwashing?

Offshore oil rigs flaring gas

The run-in to COP26 had businesses racing to commit to net zero but there are concerns many of the targets were rushed and fall far short of what’s needed to keep temperatures below 1.5 degrees. David Burrows reports... Read more

Latest news

Biodiversity / conservation

Big knowledge gaps in offshore wind impact on seabirds need addressing, warn government advisers

The UK must improve its understanding of internationally important seabird populations to ensure the impact of offshore wind development on them is fully accounted for, according to a new report which suggests scent-detection dogs could be trained to identify new colonies

Environmental Law

Cumbrian coal mine investor ‘leaving itself open to legal challenge’, warn lawyers

The financier behind a proposed new coal mine in Cumbria is at risk of opening itself up to legal challenge by supporting the project, lawyers have warned

Environmental Law

Legal Comment: How the government’s defeat on its Net Zero Strategy shows the teeth of the Climate Change Act

The High Court judgment on the government’s Net Zero Strategy has confirmed just how much detail is needed to discharge legal duties and allow adequate scrutiny under the Climate Change Act, and will be of relevance to all environmental professions, writes Simon Tilling


Political chaos sees decision on Cumbrian coal mine delayed

The decision on whether or not to approve a new coal mine in Cumbria, set to be taken by the communities secretary, has been delayed as Westminster is swept into a political storm which has seen the previous post-holder Michael Gove fired


Environmental Politics

What should a net zero policy test look like?

Treasury building

Organisations ranging from the Climate Change Committee to the Trades Union Congress have all called for the government to implement a ‘net zero test’. But how would it work, what would it achieve and why would it be necessary? Gareth Simkins reports


Carbon capture and storage plants: What are they and where are they?

Rather than being motivated purely by environmental and regulatory pressures, the world’s largest carbon capture facilities are dominated by those that use CO2 to produce more oil and gas. Here’s what you need to know


Can ‘critical’ carbon capture projects really work?

Carbon capture and storage infrastructure has a patchy record internationally and two previous government funding rounds collapsed. Gareth Simkins examines the industry’s renewed prospects

Editor's Pick

10 ways the government must step up on climate adaptation, according to its own advisers

The government has responded to the climate change criticisms of the CCC. Photograph: Andrew Hasson/Getty Images

The Committee on Climate Change has criticised the government over its failure to prepare the country for the impacts of climate change, recommending it step up action on land and water management. Here’s what you need to know about the committee’s concerns and Whitehall’s response

Environmental Politics

How is the Conservative Party grappling with net zero?

Photograph: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

The government wants to lead the world on climate action and attract younger voters, but competing forces within the party will not make the transition a simple one. Simon Pickstone reports