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Burning questions: Is time running out again for Scotland’s landfill ban?

Bin full of household waste

Almost three years on from Holyrood’s decision to delay its ban on household biodegradable waste being sent to landfill, there is little certainty among experts that the new target of 2025 is achievable, writes David Burrows... Read more

Latest news

Biodiversity / conservation

Biodiversity metric consultation attempts to overcome flaws

DEFRA is consulting on changes to the biodiversity metric that will support the delivery of biodiversity net gain as outlined in the Environment Act

Biodiversity / conservation

‘Relentless tragedy’: 1,000s of threatened wild chicks die on Natural England nature reserves amid bird flu outbreak

Several thousand wild bird chicks of conservation concern have died on national nature reserves managed by Natural England due to an avian flu outbreak affecting the UK, as the RSPB calls for a 'proper recovery strategy' from the government to handle the crisis

Land, Ecology & Development

Natural England funding boost confirmed

England’s conservation regulator will receive a 34% increase in funding for 2022/23, marking the third consecutive year of increased year-on-year funding

Biodiversity / conservation

Scotland’s biggest nature reserve doubles in size following community land buyout

One of South Scotland’s biggest nature reserves will double in size, after a community fundraising campaign hit £2.2m last month

Scrapping solar farms and bonfire of the quangos: 10 things the Tory leadership candidates said this week

With one month to go until the new prime minister is elected, Sunak and Truss continue to battle it out over who will be the next leader of the Conservative Party. From scrapping EU 'red tape' to pledging to compensate customers during hosepipe bans, here’s everything you need to know

Latest analysis

Environmental Law

Could the UK legislate for a right to a healthy environment?

Car driving along a road at South Gare away from the now defunct steel works

In an unprecedented move last month, the UN voted in favour of a motion declaring that a healthy environment was a human right. In the wake of the ruling, could we see the UK embed such a right into its own laws, asks Isabella Kaminski

Back from extinction: How new legislation could pave the way for England’s wild beavers

Beaver at Hatchmere Nature Reserve, credit Cheshire Wildlife Trust

Earlier this month, DEFRA confirmed that beavers are officially a native species in England, meaning they are now entitled to a suite of legal protections. Pippa Neill explores how we got here and how a species, which was once hunted to extinction, could transform the country’s waterways

Environmental Politics

ECO CHAMBER PODCAST SPECIAL: Feargal's fury, beaver fever and heatwave hellscapes

Podcast icon

This specially extended episode features former Undertones frontman and keen angler Feargal Sharkey on who's to blame for the dismal state of England's rivers. The ENDS Report team also examines why the government has ditched two-thirds of its nature indicators this year, why England is heading for drought, why things are looking bright for beavers, and how the EU plans to monitor its environmental progress

Environmental Politics

Green tape and red meat: Would Sunak or Truss be better for the environment?

Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak at the BBC debate

Neither Liz Truss nor Rishi Sunak are known to be environmental champions and both have expressed a desire to tear away green protections to impress the party faithful, so who would best protect nature and climate? James Fair reports


Interview: NFU president Minette Batters on why we’re all complicit in farm pollution

Minette Batters, NFU president

The president of the UK farming association speaks to ENDS about why farmers should not face prosecution for water pollution, environmental farming reforms and how much influence the farm lobby group really has on DEFRA policy

Brexit Hub Regulation

What happens when the watchdogs attack?

Police dog barking

The Office for Environmental Protection has leapt into action following complaints that the water industry is not being regulated properly and Environmental Standards Scotland is up and running. They are nimbler but wield smaller sticks than the European Commission so can they bring public bodies to heel? asks James Fair

How thousands of tonnes of microplastics are being spread to soils

Person holding riverbed sample showing fragments of plastic

Huge volumes of microplastics are being spread to farmland in sewage sludge and little is being done about it despite concerns over the potential impacts, reports David Burrows

Environmental Law

Why environmental non-compliance can have legal consequences outside of fines and community service

Angus Evers is a partner at law firm Shoosmiths

The Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal by a former waste company director given a conditional discharge and a five-year disqualification order after being convicted of an environmental permitting offence. The case shows how non-compliance can have consequences outside of fines and community service, writes Angus Evers

Fines Monitor Regulation

‘Vandalism and profiteering’: Is the water sector operating the scam of the century?

Water treatment plant

The water sector has been accused of environmental vandalism and profiteering following a damning Environment Agency report revealing that its environmental performance has tanked, despite the industry’s numerous pledges to do better. Rachel Salvidge reports