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What will post-Brexit industrial regulation look like?

What will post-Brexit industrial regulation look like?

The government plans to set up a new process to establish guidelines for industrial emissions control. Gareth Simkins looks into what needs to be done

Latest news


Statisticians downgrade link between air pollution and coronavirus deaths

The Office for National Statistics has largely reversed previous thinking about how chronic exposure to air quality affects the outcome of coronavirus exposure


Heatwave brings record ozone episode

Sustained hot weather with little wind has brought with it widespread ozone and particulate pollution to parts of the UK – with a record number of breaches of the limit for ground-level ozone – though wetter conditions are now bringing flooding


Farmers concerned by Welsh clean air plan

The National Farmers Union’s Welsh division has criticised the Welsh government’s new air quality strategy for pursuing “regulatory solutions as the default position”.

Planning & land use

Minister approves new gas power station in South Humberside

Business secretary Alok Sharma has approved plans for a new 300 MW gas peaker plant at Immingham near Grimsby, saying it would provide flexible power to support renewables


Welsh government to consult on new Clean Air Act

A white paper on new legal controls on air pollution in Wales will be published in the spring, according to the Welsh government’s new air quality strategy



Infographic: Focus on cities's rebounding air pollution levels

Infographic: Focus on cities's rebounding air pollution levels

Air pollution levels in large European cities are rebounding as coronavirus lockdown measures are eased, but remain lower than pre-Covid levels in most instances, an analysis of European Environment Agency data by ENDS indicates


London lockdown: Are pollution levels rebounding in the capital as Covid controls are eased?

Click through to view the latest data on how the Covid-19 crackdown has affected nitrogen dioxide levels at London's most polluted sites, and how the easing of coronavirus lockdown measures is impacting air quality

Brexit Hub Environmental Law

Has Eustice fired the starting gun on a ‘deregulatory race to the bottom’?

The environment secretary has set out plans to overhaul the EIA regime and ditch elements of EU green law, following Boris Johnson’s announcement that he intends to ‘scythe through red tape’ and build the country out of its economic slump, a move which has elicited fears for the future of green protections. Rachel Salvidge reports


Was the UK’s air pollution trading scheme set up to fail?

The Transitional National Plan, an air pollutant trading system for large combustion plants, ended on 30 June, without having had the slightest impact on emissions. Gareth Simkins asks why


Brexit talks: The trade deal pitfalls to avoid

Negotiations on a UK-EU trade deal are under way after weeks of stalemate. While green groups fear the consequences should parties fail to strike an agreement, commentators warn that trade deals are fraught with difficulties for the environment


Tracking Britain's coal-free run: record run ends at 67 days without coal

Updated daily: Britain's record coal-free run is over after 67 days, 22 hours and 55 minutes, following a coal unit running tests after essential maintenance. This had been the longest run without coal for Britain since 1882

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