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London lockdown: How Covid-19 controls are impacting air pollution levels in the capital ...

London lockdown: How Covid-19 controls are impacting air pollution levels in the capital

Updated daily: Measures to fight the coronavirus pandemic have reduced traffic on London's streets. Click through to view the latest data on how the Covid-19 crackdown is impacting... Read more

Latest news


Is the coronavirus hitching a ride on air pollution particles?

New research suggests the virus causing the Covid-19 pandemic can be transmitted by air pollution, but not everyone agrees. Conor McGlone reports


Coronavirus: How the pandemic has put air quality improvements on hold

Despite air quality improving during the coronavirus outbreak, plans to deal with the chronic road transport pollution have been put on hold due to the lockdown

Environmental Law

Odour complaint landfill allowed to add soil treatment facility

The Environment Agency has amended permit conditions for the Maw Green landfill site in Cheshire to allow the operation of biopiles for the treatment of contaminated soil

Brexit Hub Legislation

Environment Bill: Government rejects air quality targets in line with WHO

Amendments to align the UK’s particulate matter targets with World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines have been rejected by MPs scrutinising the Environment Bill, on the advice of DEFRA minister Rebecca Pow

Transport emissions

Coronavirus: Outbreak could lock aviation industry into lower emission limits

A climate change expert has said that the impact of the coronavirus, which has brought the aviation industry to a standstill, could lead to airlines being tied into lower future CO2 limits



Data check: Coronavirus and China's cleaner air

China has experienced a dramatic drop in air pollution levels since the outbreak of coronavirus, according to data collected from the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-5 satellite


Coronavirus: the pandemic's impact on air pollution levels in charts

Covid-19 lockdowns have seen air pollution levels plummet across areas that have put restrictions in place, including China, northern Italy and European cities, data shows. Early evidence suggests that pollution levels are beginning to drop in London too


Big smoke: Is London winning the battle to clean its air?

London undoubtedly has the worst air in the UK with EU limits for NO2 breached somewhere in the city within the first week of each year, but the city is fighting back. ENDS looks at the data to see if it is having an impact


How a nine-year-old girl's death could lead to action on air pollution

Seven years ago, in Lewisham in south-east London, Ella Kissi-Debrah was rushed to hospital unable to breathe properly. It was not the first time. She had been having such attacks for three years and they were becoming increasingly severe. This time, however, she would not come home


Why an incinerator developer sought stricter emission limits

A demand to minimise visual impact has indirectly led to the Environment Agency agreeing that the strictest emissions limits ever should apply to an Essex energy-from-waste project. Gareth Simkins reports

Brexit Hub Environmental Law

43 things you need to know about the Environment Bill

The Environment Bill has returned to parliament with new powers on plastic waste and a requirement for ministers to review and report on international green law. Here's what you need to know about what's new and what has been retained

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