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‘The OEP is not a replacement Commission’: 5 things the new watchdog chiefs want you to know

Last week the chief executives of the newly-established green watchdogs the Office for Environmental Protection and Environmental Standards Scotland discussed the UK’s emerging post-Brexit environmental governance arrangements with ENDS. Here’s what you need to know

Chemical risks and hazards

DEFRA told to ‘urgently ban’ or restrict 9,000+ PFAS forever chemicals

The government must regulate the many thousands of per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances as one group, rather than individually, to protect public health and the environment, a group of 30 NGOs has demanded in a letter to DEFRA


Clean air zones: Could political tensions see some plans stuck in the slow lane?

The latter half of 2021 saw cities across the country implement their clean air plans. However, with the first quarter of 2022 behind us, it has become clear that progress has not always been smooth, with political tensions coming to the surface. Pippa Neill reports


Villages covered in ash cloud to get £100k for environmental projects

Villages which were affected by ash clouds from a power station in Scotland are set to receive a £100,000 'goodwill gesture' funding boost for environmental projects


Fines Monitor Regulation

Can Natural Resources Wales be made fit for the future?

A Welsh Government review of Natural Resources Wales is putting its lack of resources under the spotlight, with enforcement failings a key issue, finds Catherine Early


Welsh street demolished to meet air quality targets

Twenty-three properties in a Welsh village have been demolished in order to help the UK meet its obligations under the EU’s 2008 directive on ambient air quality


Industrial pollution: 8 things you need to know about potential changes to BAT

Eight months after a consultation opened on a new regime to determine best available techniques to control industrial pollution, a response from the government is still awaited. Here’s what to expect

Transport emissions

Wales mulls toll roads in bid to reduce air pollution

The Welsh government has raised the prospect of charging motorists for the use of two of Wales' busiest stretches of road in a bid to tackle air pollution

Northern Ireland


Green light for OEP in DEFRA review amid calls for future appraisals to seek external evidence

The first DEFRA review of the Office for Environmental Protection has found the watchdog in 'good health', but green groups have urged that future reviews 'must seek evidence from outside government'

Environmental Law

WATCH NOW: Green watchdog chiefs on scrutiny, governance and enforcement

Available to watch on demand now: The chief executives of newly-established green watchdogs the Office for Environmental Protection and Environmental Standards Scotland discussed the UK’s emerging post-Brexit environmental governance arrangements with ENDS at this free-to-view webinar

Climate change

How the climate watchdog has graded the government’s progress towards net zero

The government's statutory climate advisers today delivered an assessment of the UK’s progress towards net zero, warning that ‘we have not seen the necessary tangible progress in a host of areas’. Click through to view the watchdog's report card in full

Biodiversity / conservation

Parliamentarians join conservation campaigners on lead shot ban

A cross-party group of parliamentarians has teamed up with the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust and Wildlife and Countryside Link to press for a ban on lead ammunition by next year


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