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Products & Chemicals

HSE investigating two explosions at ethylene works

The Mossmorran ethylene plant in Fife is under investigation for two explosions, the Health and Safety Executive has confirmed


Map: The UK areas with illegally high air pollution

Latest air pollution data shows that more than 80% of UK reporting zones have illegal levels of pollution. Click through to view an interactive map showing by how much each zone is breaching EU legal limits

Planning & land use

Industrial noise stymies housing scheme

Permission to build up to 66 homes between a dual carriageway and a potato processing factory in Perthshire has been refused on appeal due to noise concerns


Cutting flaring at ethylene works to cost £140m

ExxonMobil is to invest £140m in its Fife Ethylene Plant, in response to being ordered to make upgrades by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency



Data check: Pollution incidents in Wales

Pollution incidents in Wales are increasing, according to Natural Resources Wales


Why a council plans to bulldoze homes to hit air quality targets

A Welsh council’s decision to buy and demolish a row of 20 homes in a bid to meet its clean-air obligations sounds like satire, but the move has the backing of the Welsh government and at least some of the local community. Jim Dunton asks whether other areas could follow Caerphilly’s lead


Homes to be torn down to comply with air quality targets

Houses on one of the UK’s most polluted streets will be demolished to meet air quality targets, a council has confirmed


Welsh power station closure to bring UK’s coal fleet down to four

German energy giant RWE has announced it plans to close the Aberthaw B coal fired power station in March 2020, citing “challenging” market conditions for coal power in the UK

Northern Ireland

Land, Ecology & Development

Environment agency backs down over mine discharge permit dispute

The Northern Ireland Environment Agency has lost its battle in the High Court after it allowed a gold mining company to discharge heavy metals into a protected site without carrying out a proper assessment


The UK’s increasing ammonia emissions in 3 charts

Ammonia pollution is increasing across the UK, mostly driven by a rise from Northern Ireland’s agriculture sector. Here are three charts illustrating the rise


Environment Bill: Producers to be made responsible for 100% of packaging waste

Enabling powers to deliver a deposit return scheme and make producers responsible for 100% of the packaging waste they create as well as new tools to tackle waste crime are included in the government's flagship Environment Bill, published yesterday

Brexit Hub Environmental Politics

Speed read: What the 3 remaining Brexit options mean for green protections

Following a meeting between Boris Johnson and Leo Varadkar widely reported as positive, ENDS takes a look at the possible Brexit options for the UK and the EU, and what they would mean for environmental protections

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