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Environmental Law

Queen’s Speech: What could be in it for the environment?


The Queen’s Speech, outlining the government’s legislative plans for the coming year, is due to be made on Tuesday. Here’s what ENDS expects to hear

Latest news

Nuclear power

Taxpayers ‘on the hook’ for billions as nuclear decommissioning costs soar, say MPs

The cost of decommissioning seven UK nuclear power stations has more than doubled to £23.5bn, with taxpayers having to foot an additional £10.7bn in just two years, according to a report from the UK parliament’s spending watchdog


Energy secretary set to ‘classify natural gas as sustainable investment’

The government is planning to reclassify natural gas as 'environmentally sustainable', as part of the government’s ‘green taxonomy’ index being drawn up to guide investors, according to reports


Queen’s Speech: The eight bills you need to know about

The Queen's Speech revealed that the government will take forward 'a new approach to environmental assessment' in the planning system in the coming Parliamentary session, alongside a raft of other environment-related measures. Here's what you need to know


Queen’s Speech confirms fresh regulatory rollback measures and new Energy Bill

Measures to see regulations on businesses 'repealed and reformed' and new legislation to enable law inherited from the EU 'to be more easily amended' will be introduced in the next Parliamentary session, the Queen's Speech has confirmed


New project aims to turn sewage into hydrogen

Utility Welsh Water and the University of South Wales have announced a project that will explore ways to convert methane derived from sewage sludge into hydrogen


Carbon reporting

Is regulation needed to prevent net zero greenwashing?

Offshore oil rigs flaring gas

The run-in to COP26 had businesses racing to commit to net zero but there are concerns many of the targets were rushed and fall far short of what’s needed to keep temperatures below 1.5 degrees. David Burrows reports

Environmental Politics

ECO CHAMBER PODCAST: Ecocide, super quangos and Top of the Poops 2

Listen as the ENDS Report team examines why some Environment Agency officers can no longer afford to work at the agency, whether the government's energy security strategy is up to scratch, what the future holds for England's regulators, which councils have the most sewage dumped into them, whether moves to create a new law of Ecocide are gaining traction, and why you can no longer trust your own carpet


Will the dash for energy security resurrect tidal power plans?

Rising energy prices and Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine have refocused minds on to energy security, but will it be tidal, wind, solar, nuclear or domestic fossil fuels that win the day? James Fair reports


Interview: Delivering a huge road-building programme in the face of the climate crisis

National Highways is a major owner of land in England and is currently carrying out one of the country’s largest infrastructure projects. How does a huge road building project make peace with the drive to go greener? Its new director of environmental sustainability, Stephen Elderkin, spoke to ENDS


‘Two steps back’: Why the UK lags behind on chemicals rules

Concerns over the UK’s approach to chemicals regulation appear to have been well-founded. There is talk of bottlenecks in a system that is shaping up to be 'less precautionary' and more 'industry friendly', finds David Burrows


Carbon capture and storage plants: What are they and where are they?

Rather than being motivated purely by environmental and regulatory pressures, the world’s largest carbon capture facilities are dominated by those that use CO2 to produce more oil and gas. Here’s what you need to know

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