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Are anaerobic digesters a net loss for the environment?

Are anaerobic digesters a net loss for the environment?

With an anaerobic digester spill killing 10,000 fish in Devon this month and the wider industry receiving flak for growing maize for feedstock, James Fair asks whether the booming low-carbon... Read more

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BP Exploration fined £400k for oil terminal leak

Major oil firm BP has been fined £400,000 for an oil pipeline leak at the Sullom Voe oil terminal in the Shetland Islands seven years ago

Climate change

Climate change: Scotland sets out new emissions reduction plans

The Scottish government has published a bill to cut emissions to net zero by 2050, alongside a detailed roadmap to meet its target of reducing emissions by two thirds by 2032

Land, Ecology & Development

Bioenergy and carbon storage will help reduce agriculture emissions to net zero by 2040, say farmers

The agriculture sector claims it can meet its own goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to near zero by 2040 without making any cuts in production

Brexit Hub Environmental Politics

Spending Review: 8 things you need to know

Chancellor Sajid Javid has pledged an extra £430m for DEFRA, cuts to red tape and an “infrastructure revolution” in his single-year spending round statement this afternoon. Here’s what you need to know

Unconventional oil & gas

Regulator investigates Cuadrilla fracking earthquake

The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) has written to fracking firm Cuadrilla requesting “extensive data and analysis” after a 2.9 local magnitude tremor was felt at its Preston New Road site last week


Brexit Hub Environmental Politics

Do Boris Johnson’s new Spads want to slash environmental protections?

Do Boris Johnson’s new Spads want to slash environmental protections?

Could the recruitment of a group of young, libertarian special advisers lead to the erosion of environmental standards? Jocelyn Timperley reports

Environmental Law

9 environmental policy and compliance deadlines to look out for in August

Important deadlines relating to cosmetic products, transport procurement, ecolabel criteria, clean air zones, chemicals, flooding, and marine conservation are coming up in August

Land, Ecology & Development

The debrief: How a mitigation project overcame opposition to a pylon scheme

Local people were closely involved in the design of landscape mitigation measures to offset the visual impact of a major pylon scheme in Scotland

Environmental Politics

Environmental policy: what's in the new PM's in-tray?

As well as ensuring the safe passage of the Environment Bill and organising a new cabinet, Boris Johnson’s top environmental priorities should include making decisions on chemicals regulation, Heathrow expansion, the waste and resources strategy and energy efficiency, according to experts

Environmental Politics

White elephants and ‘swimming pools for newts’

Boris Johnson has today been elected leader of the Conservative Party. Click through to read ENDS’ comprehensive guide to his past statements on climate, infrastructure, EIA and bogus environmental objections


Net zero: should planned fossil fuel extraction projects be scrapped?

Huge amounts of coal, oil and gas could be extracted over the coming decades if wells and mines go ahead as planned. Gareth Simkins looks into their implications for net zero

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