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Environmental Politics

Conservative manifesto: 9 things you need to know

Conservative manifesto: 9 things you need to know

Here’s what you need to know about the green pledges set out in the Conservative Party's manifesto

Latest news

Environmental assessment

Wind farm near protected sites faces further planning hurdles

The government has asked the developers of the Norfolk Vanguard offshore wind farm to provide more information about how it will impact nearby European protected sites in combination with other projects


Climate policies will shrink value of carbon intensive businesses by 43%

Utilities burning fossil fuels could lose 43% of their value due to policies designed to combat climate change, according to an international network of investors


‘Actively damaging policies’: Conservatives by far the worst on environment, finds NGO

The Labour Party has come out on top of an assessment of manifesto pledges to respond to the ecological and climate crisis, with the Conservatives bringing up the rear, according to research by Friends of the Earth

Brexit Hub Environmental Law

EU emissions trading: Judge rejects challenge to suspension of free allowances

A judge has rejected a challenge to the UK government’s decision not to support an oil and gas company affected by the suspension of its free emissions allowances for the EU emissions trading system in the run-up to Brexit

Environmental Law

Government releases heavily redacted fracking report after court order

The Cabinet Office has belatedly complied with a court order to publish a secret report on fracking written in 2016 that shows industry actors were more pessimistic about large-scale fracking in the UK than they had said in public


Land, Ecology & Development

Could offshore wind farms be about to face further planning hurdles?

Could offshore wind farms be about to face further planning hurdles?

Around 1,900 turbines are in operation or in the pipeline near the Flamborough to Filey Coast SPA off the North Yorkshire coast. As the North Sea gets increasingly crowded, concerns are growing over the accumulative impacts of wind farms on protected sites

Climate change

Fact checker: Will Drax's gas conversion blow the UK’s carbon budget?

Replacing Drax’s two remaining coal units with four natural gas turbines “is asking the public to face a carbon budget blowout”, according to ClientEarth


Mapped: the 'carbon budget busting' gas power pipeline

There are at least 17 gas-fired power stations pending possible construction in the UK, potentially threatening attainment of future carbon budgets

Environmental Politics

How is the Conservative Party grappling with net zero?

The government wants to lead the world on climate action and attract younger voters, but competing forces within the party will not make the transition a simple one. Simon Pickstone reports

Environmental Law

15 environmental policy and compliance deadlines to look out for in October

Important deadlines relating to plastics production and pollution, costs protection for environmental claims, environmental permitting, nitrates action, environmental damage reporting, waste management, water use and restriction of chemicals are coming up in October

Environmental Politics

Labour's emerging environmental policy: 10 things you need to know

The Labour Party conference saw the opposition set out new policies on net zero, offshore wind, electric vehicles and ‘battery gigafactories’. Here are 10 things you need to know

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