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Environmental Politics

Fracking friend or climate campaigner? The two sides of Jeremy Hunt

Fracking friend or climate campaigner? The two sides of Jeremy Hunt

With Jeremy Hunt still in the running to be the next Conservative Party leader, ENDS examines his environmental track record

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Government guarantees £115m agri-environment scheme payouts

Farmers, foresters and land managers who have taken part in the government’s agri-environmental schemes have been promised that all late payments will be made in full by the end of July – some of whom have been waiting to be paid since 2015


Ammonia pollution harming 60% of UK land area

Ammonia and nitrogen pollution, mostly from agriculture, is harming more than 60% of the UK’s land area and affecting the most sensitive habitats, according to a DEFRA report

Agriculture & forestry

Gove’s communications with hardline Brexiters remain off limits, watchdog rules

Environment secretary Michael Gove’s communications with the European Research Group, a backbench ‘hard’ Brexit lobby group led by Jacob Rees-Mogg, do not need to be disclosed, the Information Commissioner’s Office has ruled

Environmental Law

EXCLUSIVE: Natural England offers up to 50 redundancies

Natural England is offering voluntary redundancies for up to 50 staff members as it reorganises itself in a bid to be chosen to deliver key aspects of the 25-Year Environment Plan

Land, Ecology & Development

Planners ‘lack the resources, policies and powers’ to help deliver net-zero

The government must reintroduce the requirement for all new-build homes to be zero-carbon and resources should be made available to help existing homes become carbon neutral, according to the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI)


Environmental Law

How the wrong environmental assessment led to a water firm ending up in court

How the wrong environmental assessment led to a water firm ending up in court

A water firm had its permission to use an outfall pipe quashed after a court determined that it did not properly consider the potential environmental impacts of its discharge on a protected river. Adam Branson reports

Land, Ecology & Development

Does the scrapping of the M4 relief road on green grounds spell trouble for future projects?

The Welsh government has junked a planned motorway against the planning inspector’s advice because of its impacts on wildlife. James Fair asks whether the decision will have repercussions for similar schemes in the UK

Environmental Politics

Net-zero by 2050: 15 things you need to know

Theresa May has committed to slashing the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2050 after the Committee on Climate Change's report deemed it “necessary, feasible and cost-effective”. Here are 15 things you need to know about the committee's recommendations

Environmental Politics

Environment Bill: 8 things you need to know about how it is shaping up

Six months after the first part of the draft Environment Bill was published, Environment Agency board minutes have revealed new details about how the legislation is taking shape

Environmental Politics

Is Gove a good green or a ‘pure political calculator’?

If Michael Gove left DEFRA for Downing Street would he remain a strong advocate for the environment? Jocelyn Timperley reports

Land, Ecology & Development

Interview: What Tony Juniper thinks about budget cuts, bird culling and bringing back the missing lynx

Tony Juniper talks to ENDS about nature recovery, net gain, budget cuts and rewilding in his first press interview since becoming chair of Natural England

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