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How will DEFRA’s new environmental land management scheme work?

How will DEFRA’s new environmental land management scheme work?

A radical new environmental land management scheme has been sketched out in the Agriculture Bill but details surrounding how it would work in practice are thin on the ground. Isabella Kaminski... Read more

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EA sets out water and ecology hurdles for Sizewell C nuclear project

The Environment Agency still has concerns about the Sizewell C nuclear project, largely related to its potential impact on flooding

Environmental Law

Judge orders DEFRA to explain badger cull veto in court

DEFRA’s last-minute intervention to pull the plug on a badger cull, against the advice of its own scientific advisers, will be probed in the High Court

Land, Ecology & Development

DEFRA and Natural England under fire for poor state of England’s SSSIs

The dial has hardly moved on the number of sites of special scientific interest improving in England over the past decade, but DEFRA’s attempt to claim the performance as a win has prompted outrage from environmentalists

Land, Ecology & Development

Make big polluters pay for landscape restoration, say government’s climate change advisers

The government must make big polluters pay for major tree planting projects and force SSSI landowners and water companies to restore peatlands if the UK is to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, according to the Committee on Climate Change

Land, Ecology & Development

England’s regulators declare joint ‘low carbon, high nature’ vision

The chairs of England’s three environmental regulators have responded to today’s Committee on Climate Change’s land use report by outlining 'a shared vision' and practical commitments for tackling what they describe as 'the climate and biodiversity emergencies'


Land, Ecology & Development

Just half of England’s local sites managed with nature conservation in mind

Councils in England have reported just less than half of their local sites are being managed to maintain or enhance their nature conservation value, according to new data released by DEFRA

Land, Ecology & Development

Committee on Climate Change’s net zero land report: 10 things you need to know

The UK must act now to reduce emissions from agriculture, land use and peatlands if it is to reach net zero by 2050, according to the government’s climate change advisers. Here are 10 things you need to know about the advisers’ new report, published today

Environmental Law

Is Natural England reluctant to prosecute rule breakers?

In its 14 year history, the nature regulator has brought just 14 successful prosecutions. James Fair asks whether the enforcer is proving to be a soft touch

Land, Ecology & Development

Natural England species licensing data in 3 charts

Natural England issued more than 6,000 species licences across 2018. Here's what you need to know

Environmental Politics

10 demands made by the Natural Capital Committee

The government advisors’ seventh annual report, published this week, offered some strongly-worded criticism of the government’s flagship green plans, including the environment and agriculture bills. Here’s what you need to know about the committee’s key demands

Environmental Politics

West Midlands plans for net zero by 2041

The West Midlands Combined Authority has proposed reducing the region’s greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 13% each year to 2041, in reaction to the climate crisis

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