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Land, Ecology & Development

Could offshore wind farms be about to face further planning hurdles?

Could offshore wind farms be about to face further planning hurdles?

Around 1,900 turbines are in operation or in the pipeline near the Flamborough to Filey Coast SPA off the North Yorkshire coast. As the North Sea gets increasingly crowded, concerns are growing over... Read more

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Thousands of homes set to be built in high risk flood zones

Around 10,000 new homes have been allocated for development in high flood risk areas across 10 local authorities hit by flooding, a new investigation has found


Environmental impact standard launched

A new international standard to help organisations evaluate their environmental impacts and dependencies on natural resources has been launched by the International Organisation for Standardisation

Land, Ecology & Development

Natural England approves destruction of thousands of duck eggs over ‘threat to cyclists’

Natural England has given permission for the destruction of 4,500 mallard eggs over three years to prevent ducks “walking out in front of cyclists” and causing accidents

Planning & land use

Mandate green design into planning requirements, say property experts

A group of property experts have called for sustainable design principles to be integrated into planning requirements and an annual greenhouse gas target for commercial buildings be set in order to drive down the industry’s carbon emissions

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The ENDS Report Brexit Library: live table

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Brexit Hub Environmental Politics

Unfinished business: 7 critical green plans left in limbo

Unfinished business: 7 critical green plans left in limbo

A number of critical fledgling bills and environmental strategies have been left with an uncertain future as a result of the general election. ENDS takes a look at some of the most important outstanding environmental strategies


What’s at risk from coastal flooding and erosion: 10 things you need to know

The government needs to step up action to protect coastal assets and homes from flooding and coastal erosion, according to a report published this morning by the Environment Food and Rural Affairs Committee. Here are 10 things you need to know about what’s at risk

Land, Ecology & Development

'Chilling effect': Why housebuilders are concerned about biodiversity net gain

The government’s landmark Environment Bill introduces provisions that would require developers to produce biodiversity gain plans, but critics say this could be burdensome and hamper the planning process. James Agyepong-Parsons reports

Land, Ecology & Development

Interview: What the Forestry Commission chair thinks about rewilding, invasives and growing supertrees

Sir Harry Studholme explains how the Forestry Commission is growing supertrees to help forests withstand higher temperatures and why natural capital accounting does not capture the spiritual value of nature

Land, Ecology & Development

7 of the year's most remarkable examples of wildlife destruction

From chopping down ancient woodland without an EIA to the destruction of bat roosts, nature has fallen victim to a number of developers’ and landowners’ actions this year. ENDS looks back at some of the most remarkable incidents

Land, Ecology & Development

7 times climate emergency declarations have hit development plans

Climate emergency declarations by local councils, the Welsh government and parliament have been used as both a reason to refuse and accept planning applications. ENDS looks at some of the impacts the declarations have had so far

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