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Land, Ecology & Development

England's deteriorating wildlife in 3 charts

England's deteriorating wildlife in 3 charts

Data released by DEFRA yesterday reveals a rapid decline in the condition of important species and habitats protected under the EU Habitats Directive

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Land, Ecology & Development

Nature regulator under scrutiny over gyrfalcon ‘wild hack’ licence

A licence to ‘wild hack’ 150 of the world’s largest falcon species has drawn the attention of Chris Packham’s legal outfit Wild Justice over concerns that the birds could damage local ecology

Biodiversity / conservation

Nitrates crisis: Portsmouth ends housing freeze

A Hampshire council has ended its moratorium on house building by introducing “nitrate credits” to mitigate the algae damage affecting protected habitats in the area

Planning & land use

Housing development next to historic hazardous landfill recommended for approval

Plans for the construction of 180 new homes next to a historic toxic landfill site have been recommended for approval by planning officers

Environmental assessment

Wind farm near protected sites faces further planning hurdles

The government has asked the developers of the Norfolk Vanguard offshore wind farm to provide more information about how it will impact nearby European protected sites in combination with other projects

Land, Ecology & Development

Road link unlocking 8,000-homes to deliver net gain

Plans approved for a 2.5km link road to help deliver 8,000 homes in Wiltshire will deliver a biodiversity net gain, including for protected species such as the dormouse, according to the local authority in charge of the scheme.


Planning & land use

Is the Oxford-Cambridge expressway on a road to nowhere?

Is the Oxford-Cambridge expressway on a road to nowhere?

Conservationists have tried and failed through the courts to have a proposed motorway link between Oxford and Cambridge blocked on environmental grounds but a review of the development now looks likely and there have been suggestions that the road will be cancelled altogether. Conor McGlone reports

Land, Ecology & Development

How the rise in intensive farming is putting pressure on the environment

Intensive farming accounted for almost a quarter of all Environment Agency permitting activity this year, with new and expanded poultry farms making up the greatest proportion. Gareth Simkins looks at the environmental impact of the extra 9.9m chickens being bred to feed England's appetite for cheap meat and what can be done to mitigate it

Environmental Politics

10 key things that happened this week

10 of the biggest stories from the past week: Political parties’ green pledges, Council takes on EA over damaged rivers, Weetabix fined £140,000 and more

Land, Ecology & Development

The missing lynx: Could Britain’s wildcat be brought back home?

Plans are afoot to bring the lynx back to Britain, despite the first attempt being blocked by Michael Gove and Natural England. James Fair reports

Environmental Law

7 legal decisions in 2019 that will have a lasting impact

Environmental law experts identify seven of 2019's most significant legal decisions and outline their implications for practitioners

Land, Ecology & Development

Infographic: Focus on invasive species

Invasive species are one of the top five threats to the natural environment, costing the economy £1.8bn a year. This month's infographic tracks the spread of some of the UK's most problematic non-native species

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