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Infographic: Focus on flooding

Infographic: Focus on flooding

Nearly one in 10 homes were built in high flood risk areas in 2017/18, according to official data from the the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government

Latest news

Protected areas

Gamebirds present across England’s protected sites, study shows

Non-native bird species introduced by the shooting industry have been spotted in almost every European protected site in England, according to a study carried out by nature campaigners Wild Justice, raising questions about how DEFRA can assess their ecological impact

Land, Ecology & Development

Natural England sets out guidelines for developments affecting marine sites

Natural England has published nine draft guidance packages for protected areas on the coast, enabling assessments of proposed developments’ impacts on habitats and species


Coal power stations close as government nears decision on major new coal mine

The closure of Aberthaw and Fiddlers Ferry coal-fired power stations has left only three such plants operational across the UK. Meanwhile, the government is set to decide within a week on allowing a major coal mine to go ahead


Chris Packham files judicial review against HS2

Environmental campaigner Chris Packham has applied for a judicial review against the government’s decision to approve the High Speed 2 rail network, claiming that potential environmental and climate change impacts associated with the project have not been properly considered

Land, Ecology & Development

Coronavirus: 7 ways the pandemic is impacting conservation

Conservation charities have been working hard to reprioritise their caseload during the Covid-19 pandemic. Some believe nature is rebounding but others warn that projects are on hold and enforcement is lacking. Here’s what you need to know


Land, Ecology & Development

Why Natural England’s net gain calculator may struggle to accurately value nature

Why Natural England’s net gain calculator may struggle to accurately value nature

The flaws in the biodiversity net gain calculator have all been corrected, says Natural England, but will its official launch later this year satisfy everyone? James Agyepong-Parsons reports

Environmental Politics

Interview: Sam Hall on how his Conservative Environment Network can influence parliament

Former special adviser Sam Hall heads a network of Conservative backbenchers committed to environmental action, which could wield significant influence over the development of green laws in this parliament. But can he find consensus?

Planning & land use

Coronavirus: How mega-projects are being hit by the outbreak

The rapid spread of the coronavirus crisis in the UK has forced some major infrastructure projects to temporarily shut down their construction sites during the pandemic. Here’s what you need to know

Land, Ecology & Development

How will coronavirus affect environmental consultancies?

Environmental consultants are trying to adapt to government measures put in place to curb the spread of coronavirus. James Agyepong-Parsons speaks to the experts about best practice and how the virus will likely steer the consultancy market in the future

Environmental Politics

What green policies were missing from the Budget?

While this week’s Budget contained some good news for the green economy, the environmental sector has warned much more must be included in this summer’s spending review. ENDS takes you through the key green demands

Land, Ecology & Development

Is the Heathrow ruling a ‘game changer’ for big developments?

The Court of Appeal ruling that deemed the government’s plans for building a third runway at Heathrow Airport unlawful has divided experts over its implications for other infrastructure projects. James Agyepong-Parsons reports

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