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Why a council plans to bulldoze homes to hit air quality targets

Why a council plans to bulldoze homes to hit air quality targets

A Welsh council’s decision to buy and demolish a row of 20 homes in a bid to meet its clean-air obligations sounds like satire, but the move has the backing of the Welsh Government and at least some... Read more

Latest news

Climate change

‘Climate emergency’ council pauses work on major roads schemes

A council in the West Midlands has paused work on a bypass and link road, partly over concerns that the projects may not be compatible with the ‘climate emergency’ recently declared by the local authority

Land, Ecology & Development

English water companies to plant 11 million trees by 2030

Water companies in England have today announced plans to plant 11 million trees as part of efforts to achieve a carbon neutral water industry by 2030

Unconventional oil & gas

Johnson government pledges support for fracking as Cuadrilla restarts operations

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has restated its commitment to shale gas exploration, saying extracting the fossil fuel is consistent with the UK’s legally-binding climate change targets

Planning & land use

London Assembly: Heathrow expansion is ‘wrong move’

The London Assembly has today reiterated its opposition to the expansion of Heathrow and has vowed to campaign to prevent its implementation

Land, Ecology & Development

Developer found guilty over felling of ancient redwood tree

A housing developer has been found guilty of causing or permitting the unlawful felling of a 176-year-old protected giant redwood tree, believed to be one of the oldest in the country



Are anaerobic digesters a net loss for the environment?

Are anaerobic digesters a net loss for the environment?

With an anaerobic digester spill killing 10,000 fish in Devon this month and the wider industry receiving flak for growing maize for feedstock, James Fair asks whether the booming low-carbon technology is ultimately good for the environment

Brexit Hub Environmental Politics

Do Boris Johnson’s new Spads want to slash environmental protections?

Could the recruitment of a group of young, libertarian special advisers lead to the erosion of environmental standards? Jocelyn Timperley reports

Brexit Hub Environmental Politics

Theresa Villiers: What mark will the ‘Brexit hero’ make at DEFRA?

New environment secretary Theresa Villiers has been hailed as one of the 'heroes of Brexit'. But are her eurosceptic credentials compatible with her pledge to protect and restore the natural environment? Simon Pickstone investigates


Water wars: Why farmers are resistant to the EA’s abstraction plans

Abstraction licences were brought into play in the 1960s, before climate change and population growth became a problem for water resources. Reforming them fairly has proved tricky for DEFRA, finds Catherine Early

Civil sanctions

Focus on: civil sanctions

More than 370 enforcement undertakings have been agreed in England since 2011, totalling £14.8m in contributions to environmental causes, according to analysis of Environment Agency figures by ENDS

Planning & land use

Policy briefing: Natural England’s advice on ‘nutrient neutral’ development

New legal advice from Natural England has advised councils that new developments in the Solent region should only be permitted if they are nutrient neutral

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