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Land, Ecology & Development

7 of the year's most remarkable examples of wildlife destruction

7 of the year's most remarkable examples of wildlife destruction

From chopping down ancient woodland without an EIA to the destruction of bat roosts, nature has fallen victim to a number of developers’ and landowners’ actions this year. ENDS looks back at some of... Read more

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Land, Ecology & Development

Natural capital assets of UK valued at £951bn

The Office for National Statistics has placed a partial value of the UK’s natural capital of £951 billion, estimating that 1,238 years of life were saved through vegetation removing air pollution in 2017

Land, Ecology & Development

Judge quashes Cheshire waste plant permission

A judge has quashed a Cheshire council's decision to approve plans for a waste transfer and treatment plant, finding that its planning committee members had not been provided with sufficient information by officers to be in a position to 'make up their own minds' about the proposal

Environmental Politics

Juniper: Natural England ‘needs £140m more each year’

Successive cutbacks to Natural England’s budget over recent years have put “enormous stress and strain” on staff, according to its chair Tony Juniper

Land, Ecology & Development

Developer fined £300,000 for felling protected trees

A developer has been fined £300,000 for felling a wood covered by a tree preservation order, including a 90-foot tall giant redwood believed to be 176 years old

Brexit Hub Environmental Law

Natural England: No change in environmental assessment, permitting or enforcement after Brexit

People working in the environment sector will be able to continue to do so after Brexit without disruption because green rules, regimes and protections will remain unchanged whether the UK leaves the EU with or without a deal, Natural England has said


Land, Ecology & Development

7 times climate emergency declarations have hit development plans

7 times climate emergency declarations have hit development plans

Climate emergency declarations by local councils, the Welsh government and parliament have been used as both a reason to refuse and accept planning applications. ENDS looks at some of the impacts the declarations have had so far

Land, Ecology & Development

Q&A: How the ‘Dutch case’ ruling is paralysing housebuilding

Housing development in South Hampshire and Herefordshire has been halted due to Natural England updating its legal advice following a European Court of Justice ruling known as the Dutch case. Here’s what you need to know

Land, Ecology & Development

Phosphates crisis: How the ‘Dutch case’ is stifling housebuilding in England

A council has been forced to delay planning decisions for more than 1,000 homes due to excess phosphate levels in a protected area. James Agyepong-Parsons looks at how an EU ruling known as the 'Dutch case' is impacting development proposals in England

Contaminated land

Grenfell fire: Will a toxicology expert's resignation prompt a rethink about risk assessment?

Concerns over the government’s approach to the environmental aftermath of one of the UK’s worst modern disasters led a toxicology expert to quit an advisory panel in August. Does contamination pose an ongoing health threat?

Land, Ecology & Development

Offset plans prompt Natural England to withdraw objection to major energy park

A major development is set to be built in East Yorkshire after Natural England accepted plans to offset the destruction of wetland bird habitat

Land, Ecology & Development

Q&A: DEFRA’s ‘payments by results’ pilot explained

A Natural England report today concluded that a new approach to land management was working for wildlife and could form the basis for land payments in the near future. But what does ‘payments by results’ mean? ENDS explains

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