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Brexit Hub Chemicals

‘Unravelling an omelette back into eggs’: What does the Brexit deal mean for ...

‘Unravelling an omelette back into eggs’: What does the Brexit deal mean for

Great Britain can now choose to deviate from EU chemicals regulations, but the key question is how likely it is to do so and whether industry will be willing to play ball, finds Adam Branson

Latest news

Protected areas

Injunction granted as 12 oak trees illegally felled in New Forest

The New Forest National Park Authority has obtained a High Court injunction to prevent further damage to an area of protected woodland after it said 12 oak trees were illegally felled in the iconic national park

Environmental Law

SEPA’s stolen permitting data now on dark web

Some of the permitting and other confidential data stolen from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency by organised foreign cyber-criminals has been published on a hidden part of the internet

Environmental Law

Genetic engineering could help reach net zero, say regulatory advisers

The Regulatory Horizons Council, which advises the government on regulatory reform, has said that liberalising controls on genetic manipulation could have profound environmental benefits

Water pollution

DEFRA pledge to end sewage pollution harm met with scepticism

A joint government and water sector promise to end the damage caused by untreated sewage being pumped into rivers and seas has been cautiously welcomed by some green groups, but was labelled 'meaningless smokescreen' by others, with DEFRA accused of 'refusing to confront' the core of the problem


Is it getting harder to access environmental information?

Is it getting harder to access environmental information?

Despite a growing number of organisations being told they must disclose environmental information, it appears to be getting harder to elicit, finds Isabella Kaminski

Agriculture & forestry

Lugg controversy: Why do landowners make such grave environmental errors?

Some landowners are great custodians of the environment, while others have been seen to trash the natural world in their care. How do some get it so right and others so wrong? James Fair reports

Contaminated land

England and Wales’ toxic landfills: 8 things you need to know

Last week, ENDS uncovered and mapped the locations of hundreds of toxic landfill sites buried beneath farmland, parks, housing and schools across England and Wales. Experts say the problem is ‘waiting to creep up on us and bite us in a very big way’. Here’s what you need to know

Legal comment


Is Brexit an opportunity to redefine waste?

Is Brexit an opportunity to redefine waste?

Another ‘is it waste?’ judgment from the European Court of Justice demonstrates the ongoing challenges for operators and regulators in interpreting EU waste law, and again highlights the inherent tension between protecting the environment and allowing materials back into the ‘circular economy'

Environmental Law

Avoided waste costs are proceeds of crime

Angus Evers: A recent ruling finding that the avoided cost of removing illegally stored waste can be subject to proceeds of crime laws has implications for landowners with tenants running a waste business

Renewable energy

Court quashes crofters’ community wind plans

Crofting land in Scotland cannot be used for community wind farm development if it harms the landowner’s interests, a court has upheld on appeal

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