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‘Scant and misleading’: Why the EA is under fire for failing to increase ...

‘Scant and misleading’: Why the EA is under fire for failing to increase

Campaign groups are calling for the Environment Agency (EA) to ramp up water quality monitoring as new figures reveal that the number of tests being carried out remains far below pre-pandemic levels. Wil Crisp reports... Read more

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Environmental Law

‘Truly shocking’: Massive fish kill receives tiny fine

One of south west England’s largest recorded fish kill events has led to fines totalling only £2,667


Biffa fined £1.5m for ‘reckless’ breach of export laws

Biffa has been ordered to pay £1.69m after being found guilty of illegally exporting to Asia material that was contaminated with household waste

Planning & land use

High Court throws out government plans for Stonehenge tunnel

The High Court has quashed government plans to build a two-mile tunnel beneath Stonehenge, in a judicial review


EXCLUSIVE: EA delays end-of-waste review due to ‘resourcing’ issues

The Environment Agency (EA) has delayed by three months its review of the quality protocol for pulverised fuel ash and furnace bottom ash, prompting concerns that ambitions for a circular economy are being hampered


Is it getting harder to access environmental information?

Is it getting harder to access environmental information?

Despite a growing number of organisations being told they must disclose environmental information, it appears to be getting harder to elicit, finds Isabella Kaminski


'A perfect storm': Are permitting delays threatening the government's growth agenda?

Despite repeated pledges from the EA to improve its service, ENDS has heard that permitting delays are still the norm. With the UK embarking on a major infrastructure building drive, experts say improvements are needed now in order to avoid a perfect storm. Conor McGlone reports


Habitats Regulations: What plans to ‘refocus’ nature rules could mean for EU-derived case law

The environment secretary says his plan to ‘refocus’ the Habitats Regulations is intended to deliver creative public policy thinking that delivers results, ‘rather than relying on change being set principally by litigation and case law’. Could recent case law that poses potential problems for the government’s housebuilding agenda be in his sights?

Legal comment

Products & Chemicals

Will the UK courts play referee on chemicals?

Will the UK courts play referee on chemicals?

A judgment from the European Court of Justice earlier this year holding that the European Commission must take a more robust approach to its quasi-political decisions on authorising the use of chemicals, could have major implications for UK chemicals regulations


Why the Environment Agency is no longer a nuisance

Angus Evers: Can regulators such as the Environment Agency (EA) cause a nuisance when they exercise their statutory powers? The answer it seems depends on the circumstances.

Environmental Law

Corporate duty of care can transcend borders

Firms have long been held responsible in the eyes of the public, if not the law, for the activities of their subsidiaries abroad, but recent cases show the courts are catching up

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