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Is the EA poised to crack down on hazardous waste misclassification?

Is the EA poised to crack down on hazardous waste misclassification?

More than half of waste operators could be breaking the law by misclassifying hazardous waste and firms could find their compliance costs skyrocketing. The EA says the matter is a ‘priority’ and the sector fears a crackdown. Conor McGlone reports... Read more

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Brexit Hub Environmental Law

Widening right to depart from EU case law could prompt ‘surge’ in litigation

The UK’s higher courts would no longer be bound by retained EU case law under draft regulations put before parliament, which could leave fewer legal disputes to be resolved amicably

Environmental Law

UK-REACH to change again to accommodate trade with Northern Ireland

The Department for Exiting the EU has tabled its fourth statutory instrument on the UK-REACH regime

Environmental Law

Ex-police officer found guilty of illegal waste burning

A former police officer in Wales has been fined for illegally depositing and burning waste on her land without a permit, while a dairy farmer has been prosecuted by the country’s nature regulator for allowing a sewage fungus to spread nearly 1km downstream

Environmental Politics

Environment Bill amendments reveal plan for new species and protected site strategies

Amendments to the Environment Bill tabled by environment minister Rebecca Pow would set up new mechanisms to protect wildlife and conservation sites


Is it getting harder to access environmental information?

Is it getting harder to access environmental information?

Despite a growing number of organisations being told they must disclose environmental information, it appears to be getting harder to elicit, finds Isabella Kaminski

Biodiversity / conservation

Wildbelts and wildlife: Where will the UK’s new nature protection areas come from?

Boris Johnson’s pledge to protect 30% of the UK for nature will require both new protected areas and improvements to existing land designations to make them fit for nature recovery, say green groups. Catherine Early reports

Brexit Hub Environmental Law

Environment Bill: 5 things you need to know about the latest government amendments

A series of new government amendments to the Environment Bill have been tabled that would give the government powers to issue guidance to the post-Brexit green watchdog and empower Natural England to create new species conservation strategies. Here’s what you need to know

Legal comment

Renewable energy

Court quashes crofters’ community wind plans

Court quashes crofters’ community wind plans

Crofting land in Scotland cannot be used for community wind farm development if it harms the landowner’s interests, a court has upheld on appeal

Environmental Law

The climate ruling that could limit UK’s wriggle room

Nina Pindham: A recent case in the Irish Supreme Court could have implications for how the UK government may be held to account for meeting its carbon budgets

Access to justice

Court clarifies rights under Aarhus cost rules

A recent High Court ruling clarifies the role of interested parties, but also throws up new challenges to the convention’s aim of ensuring access to environmental justice

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