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Plastic rain: How thousands of tonnes of microplastics are falling to earth

Plastic rain: How thousands of tonnes of microplastics are falling to earth

A new study sheds light on the huge volume of unseen plastics and the distances they are travelling in the atmosphere. The UK government positioned itself as a ‘world leader’ in tackling plastic pollution when introducing its ban on microbeads in 2018, but is it going far enough? asks Conor McGlone... Read more

Latest news

Planning & land use

Jenrick announces £1.3bn homebuilding investment to fuel ‘green economic recovery’

Funds to deliver up to tens of thousands of new homes and other vital infrastructure projects have been given the green light with nearly £1.3bn of investment confirmed yesterday by Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick

Land, Ecology & Development

Natural England commits to planning overhaul

Natural England will reform its planning, licensing and monitoring activities as part of a new strategy which will try to reverse the precipitous decline in the quality of sites of special scientific interest by partnering with landowners


BP to slash oil production in a bid to reinvent itself as integrated energy firm

BP has announced it will cut its oil and gas production by 40% over the next ten years as it 'pivots' away from being a traditional oil company to an 'integrated energy company'

Investment & finance

Big banks throw weight behind plan for nature-related financial disclosure

Ten banks have teamed up with the UK and Swiss governments to support a UN-backed initiative that aims to produce guidelines to establish ‘a complete picture of their environmental risks’

Land, Ecology & Development

Government launches six-figure tender for net gain framework

DEFRA is looking to the private sector to design an evaluation framework for its flagship biodiversity net gain policy in England to make sure it can be delivered on the ground


Environmental Politics

Boris Johnson’s green recovery plan: 10 things you need to know

Boris Johnson’s green recovery plan: 10 things you need to know

The prime minister has pledged massive investment in cleantech to help the UK’s economic recovery from the Covid-19 crisis, but there are concerns about his plans for new roads and streamlining the planning regime. ENDS sets out what you need to know


Covid-19: The route to recovery

Environmental consultancies are feeling the pinch as a result of coronavirus lockdown measures. ENDS takes the pulse of the market, and finds out which service areas are believed likely to grow even in these tough economic conditions

Environmental management systems

Digital EIA: Can pioneering technology help environmental assessment overcome its ‘obesity problem’?

Environmental statements can run to thousands of pages, costing developers up to £250,000. Some see the process as impenetrable. But efforts to transform it through digital technology are gathering pace, in part due to Covid-19 social distancing measures and restrictions on movement

Planning & land use

Flying cats and online trolls: the perils of virtual working

Environmental professionals are turning to digital solutions to help them keep working during the Covid-19 pandemic. But some pioneering efforts to use technology to maintain momentum on development projects have been hit by YouTube ‘violations’, online trolls, and controversy over a cat that was thrown during a Zoom meeting

Environmental management systems

How Covid-19 will change the way you work. Forever

Experts say the coronavirus pandemic has increased the appetite for digital working in the environmental space. When the crisis is over, what will business as usual look like?

Industrial emissions

6 big polluters that have pledged to go net zero

Shell has set out a high-level plan for reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, hot on the heels of BP’s pledge to go net zero, but green groups remain unconvinced. ENDS take a look at the big firms making big promises

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