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Environmental Politics

Fact checker: Will a new bank fund a ‘green revolution’?

Will the National Infrastructure Bank really finance the ‘green industrial revolution’?

Latest news

Climate change

Carbon measurement standards ‘inadequate to assess infrastructure climate impacts’

Existing mechanisms for calculating the carbon impacts of infrastructure projects are confused and are inadequate to drive down emissions, and national planning policy should be revised to bring it in line with the government's climate commitments, a report has recommended

Investment & finance

Environment Agency announces 'net zero' pension fund

The Environment Agency's pension fund will be centred on investments that 'produce less carbon, use less energy or help society manage weather-related events such as wildfires and power disruptions', it has said

Brexit Hub Environmental Law

DEFRA rules changes: 6 fears raised by coalition

DEFRA’s Brexit-related statutory instruments have created ‘significant governance gaps in the application, interpretation and enforcement of environmental law’, a new analysis has found. Here’s what you need to know

Carbon & energy efficiency

Heavy industry decarbonisation plans get funding boost

An industrial partnership in Wales which aims to create a net zero industrial zone spanning from Pembrokeshire to the English border by 2040, has been awarded £1.5m of government funding

Agriculture & forestry

Only 7% of of Britain’s native woodlands in ‘good ecological condition’

Britain’s native woodlands are in a sorry state with just 7% in good condition and many suffering from a wide range of threats, including the planning regime, according to a new report


Land, Ecology & Development

Fact checker: Would gene editing help protect nature?

Fact checker: Would gene editing help protect nature?

Gene editing “could unlock substantial benefits to nature... and help farmers with crops resistant to pests, disease or extreme weather and to produce healthier, more nutritious food”, according to DEFRA. Is this the case?

Environmental Politics

Who are the EA’s new board members?

The Environment Agency has added three new members to its board. Here’s what you need to know

Environmental Politics

Policy radar: The changes to prepare for in 2021

After a Covid-induced malaise, the next 12 months is set to be a bumper period for strategies and consultations on the swathe of policies needed to address Brexit, climate change, air pollution and biodiversity in the UK


Coronavirus and air quality: What we know so far

The novel coronavirus can spread on atmospheric particulates, exposure to which weakens the human body and makes contracting the virus more likely. But lockdowns have also led to cleaner air and even more solar power production. Here’s what you need to know

Land, Ecology & Development

Natural England’s journey to ‘crisis point’: what you need to know

Last week, the main union for Natural England issued the starkest warning to date about the health of the regulator, which it says has reached a post-crisis point. Here’s what you need to know

Carbon & energy efficiency

A just transition: Ensuring no one is left behind on the road to net zero

There are 28,000 direct job losses expected in the north of England in the coal, oil and gas industries by 2030 as decarbonisation gathers pace. A growing movement argues that a ‘just transition’ is needed which does not leave industry, workers or communities behind in the shift to a greener economy, reports Catherine Early

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