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Environmental Politics

Policy radar: The changes to prepare for in 2021

Policy radar: The changes to prepare for in 2021

After a Covid-induced malaise, the next 12 months is set to be a bumper period for strategies and consultations on the swathe of policies needed to address Brexit, climate change, air pollution and biodiversity in the UK... Read more

Latest news

Agriculture & forestry

DEFRA mulls U-turn over outcome-based green subsidies for landowners

The majority of farmers taking part in pilot projects to trial the Environmental Land Management scheme are supportive of the use of land management plans, however there remains uncertainty whether payments should be results-based, according to a DEFRA report

Environmental Law

SEPA held to ransom by ‘serious and organised’ cyber-criminals

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency has confirmed a Christmas cyber-attack was conducted by ‘international serious and organised cyber-crime groups’


EA overhauls own environmental policy

The Environment Agency has made major changes to its one-page environmental policy statement, in line with its goal of becoming a net zero organisation by the end of the decade


‘A cautionary tale’: Lockdown cut nitrogen oxides at cost of more ozone, finds study

Increases in ozone pollution during the national Covid lockdown this spring mean that it will be 'vital' to control emissions of volatile organic compounds at the same time as nitrogen oxides, according to scientific research

Environmental Politics

Treasury: Net zero ‘essential for long term prosperity’

Decarbonisation could be an economic bonus for the UK, according to the Treasury’s interim Net Zero Review, though ensuring that it is paid for fairly will be a challenge



Coronavirus and air quality: What we know so far

Coronavirus and air quality: What we know so far

The novel coronavirus can spread on atmospheric particulates, exposure to which weakens the human body and makes contracting the virus more likely. But lockdowns have also led to cleaner air and even more solar power production. Here’s what you need to know

Land, Ecology & Development

Natural England’s journey to ‘crisis point’: what you need to know

Last week, the main union for Natural England issued the starkest warning to date about the health of the regulator, which it says has reached a post-crisis point. Here’s what you need to know

Carbon & energy efficiency

A just transition: Ensuring no one is left behind on the road to net zero

There are 28,000 direct job losses expected in the north of England in the coal, oil and gas industries by 2030 as decarbonisation gathers pace. A growing movement argues that a ‘just transition’ is needed which does not leave industry, workers or communities behind in the shift to a greener economy, reports Catherine Early


Plastic rain: How thousands of tonnes of microplastics are falling to earth

A new study sheds light on the huge volume of unseen plastics and the distances they are travelling in the atmosphere. The UK government positioned itself as a ‘world leader’ in tackling plastic pollution when introducing its ban on microbeads in 2018, but is it going far enough? asks Conor McGlone

Environmental Politics

Boris Johnson’s green recovery plan: 10 things you need to know

The prime minister has pledged massive investment in cleantech to help the UK’s economic recovery from the Covid-19 crisis, but there are concerns about his plans for new roads and streamlining the planning regime. ENDS sets out what you need to know


Covid-19: The route to recovery

Environmental consultancies are feeling the pinch as a result of coronavirus lockdown measures. ENDS takes the pulse of the market, and finds out which service areas are believed likely to grow even in these tough economic conditions

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