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Products & Chemicals

What links chemicals and climate change?

Grangemouth petrochemical works

At first glance, the links between climate change and chemical pollution are not easy to see. But they are closer than some might expect, reports Gareth Simkins

Latest news


Energy secretary set to ‘classify natural gas as sustainable investment’

The government is planning to reclassify natural gas as 'environmentally sustainable', as part of the government’s ‘green taxonomy’ index being drawn up to guide investors, according to reports

Land, Ecology & Development

National Highways launches nature creation and restoration scheme

One of England’s biggest landowners, National Highways, has committed to restore and create more than 680 hectares of woodlands, grasslands, peatlands, and wetlands across the country in collaboration with a wildlife NGO


Whitehall-backed taskforce consults on climate transition plans

The Transition Plan Taskforce is seeking input on how major companies should fulfil the government’s requirement to report how they will adapt to a low carbon economy

Biodiversity / conservation

Eden Project u-turns on fake grass following ‘soul-searching’ amid environmental outcry

EXCLUSIVE: The Eden Project will remove the artificial grass installed on its Cornwall site following an outcry about the ecological impact of astroturf and the environmental example set by the institution

Environmental Law

‘Momentous’ ruling finds charities can align investments with climate goals

Charities are not bound simply to maximise return on their investments but may follow the goals of the Paris Agreement, even where this may create financial risk, the High Court has ruled


Carbon reporting

Is regulation needed to prevent net zero greenwashing?

Offshore oil rigs flaring gas

The run-in to COP26 had businesses racing to commit to net zero but there are concerns many of the targets were rushed and fall far short of what’s needed to keep temperatures below 1.5 degrees. David Burrows reports


Out of gas: What went wrong with the UK’s gasification industry?

Despite government backing, plants that turn waste into combustible gas have rarely worked as hoped, leaving an expensive legacy of rusting metal. Gareth Simkins and Luke Walsh explore the past and future of the controversial technology.


Can ‘critical’ carbon capture projects really work?

Carbon capture and storage infrastructure has a patchy record internationally and two previous government funding rounds collapsed. Gareth Simkins examines the industry’s renewed prospects

Environmental Politics

COP26’s first week: Pretty words, big money and angry activists

The opening few days of the critical Glasgow climate talks have been accompanied by pledges on finance, forests, cleantech and methane and national emission cuts, but there is growing resentment outside the gates, Gareth Simkins reports


BECCS, DACCS and blue carbon: Everything you need to know about negative emissions technologies

MPs have announced an inquiry into how greenhouse gases can be absorbed and stored. Here’s what you need to know about capturing emissions from biomass combustion, filtering CO2 from the air and other rival ideas

Planning & land use

The debrief: How a sustainable urban drainage scheme is delivering wider benefits

The need to retrofit urban areas to cope with a changing climate, and mitigate its existing impacts, is one of the great engineering challenges of our times. A project in Cardiff seeks to deliver these objectives through green infrastructure

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