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Environmental assessment

EIA reform: What’s in store for the developers' ‘bogeyman’?

EIA reform: What’s in store for the developers' ‘bogeyman’?

The government’s plan to ‘build, build, build’ its way to economic recovery could have significant repercussions for the environment. Conor McGlone asks what kind of changes might be made to the EIA regime, which was already considered too cumbersome by many prior to the Covid-19 pandemic... Read more

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Biodiversity / conservation

‘Hanging in the balance’: Trade deals threaten to boost insect decline, says charity

The Agriculture Bill provides an opportunity to reverse the ongoing decline of insects by setting out provisions that support reduced pesticide use and promote insect-friendly farming methods, according to a report from the Wildlife Trusts

Environmental Politics

‘Bad faith’: Scotland threatens to defy Westminster over environmental legislation

The Scottish government is threatening to oppose proposed UK legislation allowing Westminster unilaterally to set food and environmental standards after the Brexit transition period, according to reports

Environmental Politics

Green lawyers threaten action over Covid-19 bailouts

The climate emergency 'cannot be put on hold and it cannot be overridden' while the government responds to the Covid-19 crisis, says environmental law group Plan B

Environmental Politics

Sunak’s ‘mini budget’: 7 things to look out for

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is expected to announce an economic stimulus package this afternoon, with £3bn going towards energy efficiency. Here’s what to look out for

Planning & land use

Eustice: EIA is ‘clunky, cumbersome and involves a lot of consultants’

Work is underway to reform the environmental impact assessment system to make it more effective with ‘less process’, the environment secretary George Eustice has said, describing the regime as a cumbersome, time-consuming, tick-box exercise


Brexit Hub Research/science

After Brexit: Should the UK rejoin the EEA?

After Brexit: Should the UK rejoin the EEA?

While the UK is out of the European Environment Agency, common reporting on green issues will be vital to upholding a level playing field after the transition period. Is rejoining the agency the answer?

Environmental Politics

Boris Johnson’s green recovery plan: 10 things you need to know

The prime minister has pledged massive investment in cleantech to help the UK’s economic recovery from the Covid-19 crisis, but there are concerns about his plans for new roads and streamlining the planning regime. ENDS sets out what you need to know


Green sector, white workforce: How the UK's regulators plan to become more diverse

Green professions are among the least diverse in the UK. Adam Branson asks the UK environmental regulators what efforts are being made to ensure their workforces resemble society


‘Cutting it fine’: What would a UK emissions trading system look like?

The government’s plan to replace the EU emissions trading system remains sketchy and could be scrapped entirely in favour of a carbon tax. Gareth Simkins looks at what might materialise before the transition period ends

Biodiversity / conservation

Policy briefing: Get ready for the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030

Europe’s new biodiversity strategy will impact businesses exporting to the EU and, despite Brexit, its ambitious aims are likely to influence future UK policymaking


Brexit talks: The trade deal pitfalls to avoid

Negotiations on a UK-EU trade deal are under way after weeks of stalemate. While green groups fear the consequences should parties fail to strike an agreement, commentators warn that trade deals are fraught with difficulties for the environment

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