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'A strange blight': Does the government's sustainable pesticides plan go far enough?

'A strange blight': Does the government's sustainable pesticides plan go far enough?

Will the government’s revised action plan for the sustainable use of pesticides be enough to quell concerns over their impact?

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Products & Chemicals

UK REACH ‘at risk of sliding backwards’, ministers told

A group of 30 senior chemists and environmental scientists have raised concerns with ministers about the loss of access to EU chemical safety data and industry lobbying to dilute post-Brexit requirements

Products & Chemicals

Plastics spills disclosure demanded by DuPont shareholders

Chemicals giant DuPont's shareholders have voted to force the company to produce an annual report outlining the amount of pre-production plastic the company has accidentally released into the environment

Products & Chemicals

Unilever introduces detergent made from captured carbon

Multinational consumer goods firm Unilever is now selling a laundry detergent product made with a surfactant manufactured from carbon captured from industrial emissions


DEFRA considers designating three new persistent organic pollutants

DEFRA is seeking views on revisions to its proposals for international bans on a plastic anti-oxidant, a flame retardant and a long-banned insecticide


Harmful PFAS chemicals ‘pervasive’ in building materials

Toxic PFAS 'forever chemicals' are 'pervasive' in building materials, exposing workers and the public to the substances, a report has warned


Environmental Politics

Why DEFRA 'lacks the clout’ to deliver its environment plan

Why DEFRA 'lacks the clout’ to deliver its environment plan

Two recent Public Accounts Committee inquiries have questioned DEFRA’s ability to lead other departments, and even its own agencies, to achieve its aims for the environment. Catherine Early reports

Contaminated land

Why is it so hard to unearth what’s in your backyard?

The UK’s industrial past has left a toxic legacy, but getting information about what might be lurking near to people’s homes can prove painfully difficult, finds Danny Halpin

Water pollution

PFAS poisoning: Why is so little known about the presence of ‘forever chemicals’ in UK drinking water?

Countries across the world are scrambling to understand and curb the impacts of toxic chemicals which have made their way into drinking water supplies and have been linked to a range of diseases including at least two cancers. But there are no routine tests for it in the UK. Rachel Salvidge asks why


Interview: Dark Waters hero Robert Bilott on the poisoning of a nation and his 20-year battle with a chemicals giant

US attorney Robert Bilott has worked for two decades to get justice for those harmed by ‘forever chemical’ PFOA, with his efforts leading to multi-million dollar legal payouts, a Hollywood movie and the shocking revelation that every American has the substance in their blood. But the battle is far from over, and now it’s global

Brexit Hub Regulation

Will slashing red tape damage green protections?

Now that the UK has fully left the EU, is the government seeking to roll back regulation in a bid to stimulate the economy? Yes. Will that inevitably undermine environmental protections? Not necessarily, reports Adam Branson

Land, Ecology & Development

Fact checker: Has Brexit led to use of bee-killing pesticides?

In January DEFRA granted an ‘emergency authorisation’ for the use of Cruiser SB, which contains the neonicotinoid thiamethoxam, much to the disgust of environmentalists

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