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Products & Chemicals

UK Chemicals Strategy: Why experts are still arguing over the basics

UK Chemicals Strategy: Why experts are still arguing over the basics

With much of the forthcoming Chemicals Strategy still blank, experts are seeking to ensure that it bolsters enforcement, ensures transparent decision-making and maintains risk-based regulation.... Read more

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SEPA targets ‘complex industrial sites’ in non-compliance crack-down

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency has launched a new ‘enforcement unit’ to tackle continued non-compliance at the worst performing industrial sites

Products & Chemicals

‘Forever chemicals’: Everything you need to know about PFAS

The thousands of chemicals in the PFAS group are coming under increasing scientific, regulatory and legal scrutiny and are the subject of a new film starring Mark Ruffalo. Here’s what you need to know

Products & Chemicals

Removing PFAS from food packaging ‘an immediate priority’

An analysis of food packaging from major supermarkets, coffee shops and takeaway restaurants has found huge reliance on PFAS ‘forever chemicals’, many of which are linked to major environmental and human health concerns

Products & Chemicals

New ozone depleter and F-gas Brexit guidance emphasises continuity

Guidance on the trade in fluorinated greenhouses gases (F-gas) and ozone-depleting substances (ODS) during and after the Brexit transition period was published by DEFRA and the Environment Agency last week


‘Ban forever chemicals now’, says PFAS lawyer

The US lawyer who won a $671m settlement from DuPont for knowingly poisoning an entire town has pleaded for all forms of polyfluoroalkyl substances to be banned


Brexit Hub Environmental Law

43 things you need to know about the Environment Bill

43 things you need to know about the Environment Bill

The Environment Bill has returned to parliament with new powers on plastic waste and a requirement for ministers to review and report on international green law. Here's what you need to know about what's new and what has been retained

Environmental Law

Infographic: Focus on serious pollution incidents

There were 533 serious pollution incidents in England in 2018, up 27% on the previous year, with illegal waste activities, waste management activities and farming among the main culprits

Land, Ecology & Development

Why cities are failing to harness digital technology to make green gains

£104bn is expected to be invested annually in smart city technologies by 2021, according to the International Data Corporation. But some fear the potential environmental gains are not being given enough weight in digital strategies

Brexit Hub Policy

Policy changes that need to be on your radar in 2020

With the UK set to formally leave the EU at the end of this month, fundamental changes to environmental policy and legislation are on the cards. ENDS checks the policy radar to identify what you need to prepare for in the coming year

Climate change

Net zero: 6 breakthrough technologies for heavy industry

Decarbonising heavy industry presents a major challenge to reaching net-zero emissions. But new solutions are on the horizon. ENDS looks at six emerging technologies

Environmental Law

6 of industry’s greatest environmental challenges

Corporate adaptation to climate change, toxics in the supply chain, particulate air pollution and decarbonising cement and steel are among ENDS’ list of industry’s biggest green challenges

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