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Products & Chemicals

What links chemicals and climate change?

Grangemouth petrochemical works

At first glance, the links between climate change and chemical pollution are not easy to see. But they are closer than some might expect, reports Gareth Simkins

Latest news

Land, Ecology & Development

RSPB throws weight behind calls for DEFRA to reopen mass crab death investigation

DEFRA must reopen its investigation into why thousands of crabs and lobsters have died in repeated events on the north-east coast, the UK’s biggest nature conservation charity has said, as freedom of information requests shared with ENDS reveal agency uncertainty on the case

Chemical risks and hazards

UK-India trade deal ‘risks exposing consumers to banned chemicals even if regulations are maintained’

UK consumers could be exposed to high levels of toxic pesticides in their food even if the government does not allow any weakening of regulations in order to facilitate a trade deal with India, a report has warned

Water pollution

Planetary boundary for PFAS ‘ubiquitously exceeded’, say experts

Rainwater contains forever chemicals in concentrations that exceed safety standards all over the world, a new study shows

Chemical risks and hazards

Glyphosate ‘still being used by all Scottish councils’

All of Scotland's 32 local authorities are continuing to use weed killers which contain glyphosate - a chemical linked to cancer and insect loss - according to media reports

Brexit Hub Chemicals

UK chemicals regulation to cost industry £2bn and could ‘provide less protection from hazardous chemicals’

The cost to the chemicals and manufacturing sectors of replicating the EU’s REACH regime for the UK market following Brexit is set to cost twice as much as industry estimates, according to ministers, and NGOs say it could provide a lower level of protection for consumers and the environment from hazardous chemicals


Products & Chemicals

How Covid-19 exposed cracks in the medical waste system

Getty images - medical waste bins

Personal protective equipment has played a fundamental role in protecting lives and preventing the spread of Covid-19 but recent revelations around the burning of unused PPE has raised some questions around the disposal of medical waste. Pippa Neill explores the challenges faced by the current system

Supply chain

Is anyone prepared for the plastic packaging tax?

The plastic packaging tax will be introduced next month but how will producers prove the contents of their plastics, how will it be regulated and will it just be the ‘good guys’ that comply? David Burrows reports


‘Two steps back’: Why the UK lags behind on chemicals rules

Concerns over the UK’s approach to chemicals regulation appear to have been well-founded. There is talk of bottlenecks in a system that is shaping up to be 'less precautionary' and more 'industry friendly', finds David Burrows

Environmental Law

UK REACH: The good, the bad and the ugly

The UK REACH chemicals regulation system, which is still bedding in and is subject to future changes, has been much criticised by industry and campaigners alike. But it also has some advantages. Here’s what you need to know


What to look out for in 2022

From legally binding nature, air quality, water and waste targets to biodiversity net gain, a plastic tax and a long overdue chemicals strategy, 2022 is shaping up to be a big one for the environment. Here’s what you need to know


Why is DEFRA dragging its feet on plastics policies?

Voluntary agreements to reduce the amount of plastics in packaging have made some inroads but key government policies that would turbo charge action are long overdue. Industry is craving clarity, finds David Burrows


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