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Coronavirus: How the waste sector is pulling together to keep recycling going during ...

Coronavirus: How the waste sector is pulling together to keep recycling going during

Despite fears at the outset of the lockdown that councils would be forced to suspend recycling services, local authorities, the waste sector and the government are working together to keep vital collections running. Conor McGlone finds out how... Read more

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Environmental Law

UK-REACH to change again to accommodate trade with Northern Ireland

The Department for Exiting the EU has tabled its fourth statutory instrument on the UK-REACH regime

Waste electronics & electrical

DEFRA moots raising compliance fee to boost falling electrical waste recycling rates

DEFRA is consulting on two different industry proposals on how to handle failures to meet waste electrical and electronic equipment collection targets

Brexit Hub Chemicals

UK REACH ‘a waste of time’, warns European chemicals lobby

Establishing a separate UK chemicals registration system after the Brexit transition period is a ‘waste of time’, according to Marco Mensink, the head of European chemicals industry group Cefic, who has warned the sector is heading towards a worst-case post-Brexit scenario

Industrial emissions

SEPA investigates ‘terrifying’ flaring incident at petrochemical plant

SEPA has launched an investigation after 'terrified' residents were again woken in the early hours when unplanned flaring at the Mossmorran petrochemical plant in Fife caused loud rumbling and rocked houses

Brexit Hub Chemicals

‘Pretty grim assessment’: Post-Brexit chemicals plan ‘poses threat to productivity and innovation’

The government's plans for post-Brexit chemicals regulation will bring ‘no tangible value’ to enhancing safety from chemicals and could result in negative impacts on productivity, innovation and investment decisions, according to a senior figure at Europe’s largest chemicals producer



Is the EA poised to crack down on hazardous waste misclassification?

Is the EA poised to crack down on hazardous waste misclassification?

More than half of waste operators could be breaking the law by misclassifying hazardous waste and firms could find their compliance costs skyrocketing. The EA says the matter is a ‘priority’ and the sector fears a crackdown. Conor McGlone reports

Brexit Hub Environmental Politics

Back to work: what’s on the policy radar this autumn?

ENDS takes a look at 14 of the biggest policy changes to prepare for as people head back to work, if not the office, this autumn


Why packaging fraudsters are importing plastic waste from the Netherlands

The Environment Agency confirmed last week it was investigating PRN ‘carousel’ fraud amid renewed calls for action from the industry. Conor McGlone investigates how fraudsters are manipulating the system and what can be done about it


Brexit talks: The trade deal pitfalls to avoid

Negotiations on a UK-EU trade deal are under way after weeks of stalemate. While green groups fear the consequences should parties fail to strike an agreement, commentators warn that trade deals are fraught with difficulties for the environment

Environmental Law

Policy briefing: Get ready for the Treasury’s tax on plastic packaging

The Treasury is consulting on the design of a new tax on plastic packaging, due to apply from 1 April 2022. Here’s what you need to know about the implications for business


UPDATED: 21 green rules that have been relaxed in response to Covid-19

UK environmental regulators have in recent days issued a clutch of temporary regulatory position statements in response to the coronavirus crisis, granting businesses additional flexibility in order to keep key sectors of the economy moving. Here's what you need to know

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