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Interview: Dark Waters hero Robert Bilott on the poisoning of a nation and ...

Interview: Dark Waters hero Robert Bilott on the poisoning of a nation and

US attorney Robert Bilott has worked for two decades to get justice for those harmed by ‘forever chemical’ PFOA, with his efforts leading to multi-million dollar legal payouts, a Hollywood movie and the shocking revelation that every American has the substance in their blood. But the battle is far from over, and now it’s global... Read more

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Products & Chemicals

‘Fat finger error’ in Brexit chemicals legislation ‘adds to confusion’

A typo in the transposition of the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive into UK law has changed the existing maximum permitted concentration value of Cadmium from 0.01% to 0.1%

Brexit Hub Regulation

EA boss makes the case for a ‘modern approach to regulation’

Environment Agency chief executive Sir James Bevan has called for a new approach to regulation 'in order to protect air, land and water from future threats, including the climate emergency'

Environmental Politics

Scientists call for ‘IPPC for chemicals and waste’

The challenge of managing humanity’s ever-growing production of chemicals and waste means ‘a global science-policy body on chemicals and waste’ is needed, according to a group of scientists

Environmental Law

£44,000 bill for ‘reckless’ asbestos breach

Two companies have been fined thousands of pounds for failing to manage asbestos in a safe manner, posing a hazard to the public

Products & Chemicals

DEFRA considers ban on chlorinated paraffins

DEFRA is consulting on a plan to submit a group of chloroalkanes with a wide number of uses for international designation as a persistent organic pollutant and potential ban


Brexit Hub Regulation

Will slashing red tape damage green protections?

Will slashing red tape damage green protections?

Now that the UK has fully left the EU, is the government seeking to roll back regulation in a bid to stimulate the economy? Yes. Will that inevitably undermine environmental protections? Not necessarily, reports Adam Branson

Land, Ecology & Development

Fact checker: Has Brexit led to use of bee-killing pesticides?

In January DEFRA granted an ‘emergency authorisation’ for the use of Cruiser SB, which contains the neonicotinoid thiamethoxam, much to the disgust of environmentalists

Brexit Hub Chemicals

‘Unravelling an omelette back into eggs’: What does the Brexit deal mean for chemicals regulation?

Great Britain can now choose to deviate from EU chemicals regulations, but the key question is how likely it is to do so and whether industry will be willing to play ball, finds Adam Branson

Contaminated land

England and Wales’ toxic landfills: 8 things you need to know

Last week, ENDS uncovered and mapped the locations of hundreds of toxic landfill sites buried beneath farmland, parks, housing and schools across England and Wales. Experts say the problem is ‘waiting to creep up on us and bite us in a very big way’. Here’s what you need to know

Hazardous waste

MAPPED: England and Wales’ toxic legacy landfills

An ENDS investigation has located hundreds of buried landfills containing hazardous waste across England and Wales. Search ENDS' map to see if there's one close to you

Contaminated land

EXCLUSIVE: Locations of hundreds of buried toxic landfills revealed

The sites of hundreds of old buried landfills containing hazardous waste have been uncovered in an investigation by the ENDS Report, which also reveals the locations of hundreds more dumps whose contents remain unknown even to the Environment Agency

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