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Contaminated land

EXCLUSIVE: Locations of hundreds of buried toxic landfills revealed

EXCLUSIVE: Locations of hundreds of buried toxic landfills revealed

The sites of hundreds of old buried landfills containing hazardous waste have been uncovered in an investigation by the ENDS Report, which also reveals the locations of hundreds more dumps whose contents remain unknown even to the Environment Agency... Read more

Latest news

Products & Chemicals

Brexit voids 2,900 REACH registrations

At least 2,900 REACH registrations made by UK entities, around 3% of the total number, are now void due to Brexit and will be revoked, the European Chemicals Agency has said

Chemical risks and hazards

‘Re-emergent PCBs threat’: Toxic chemicals damage porpoise fertility, finds study

Highly toxic chemicals in the seas around the UK are threatening the fertility of porpoises and other marine mammals and could lead to a decline in their populations, according to a new study

Environmental Politics

Environmental groups unite against neonic authorisation

DEFRA’s decision to permit the use of an otherwise banned neonicotinoid pesticide has been condemned by 32 environmental organisations and the Labour party

Environmental Politics

'Coal mines and pesticides': Greta Thunberg slams Johnson's green industrial revolution

Environmentalists have questioned the credibility of the government’s environmental objectives following its decision to permit the use of a normally banned neonicotinoid pesticide and the failure to call in a planning application for a new coal mine

Environmental Politics

Boris Johnson kicks off new deregulatory drive

The leaders of 250 businesses have been asked by prime minister Boris Johnson what rules and regulations they would like to see the back of now that Brexit is complete


Hazardous waste

MAPPED: England and Wales’ toxic legacy landfills

MAPPED: England and Wales’ toxic legacy landfills

An ENDS investigation has located hundreds of buried landfills containing hazardous waste across England and Wales. Search ENDS' map to see if there's one close to you

Environmental Politics

Emergency neonic authorisation: 15 things you need to know

DEFRA has granted an emergency authorisation for an insecticide to combat a sugar beet disease spread by aphids. Here's what you need to know

Brexit Hub Environmental Politics

Brexit deal: What we know so far

The UK will have a significant degree of freedom to depart from existing EU-based rules, say experts, but the UK-EU trade deal will still place constraints on government policy. Here’s what you need to know

Environmental Politics

Policy radar: The changes to prepare for in 2021

After a Covid-induced malaise, the next 12 months is set to be a bumper period for strategies and consultations on the swathe of policies needed to address Brexit, climate change, air pollution and biodiversity in the UK


UK REACH: How to comply with the UK’s new chemicals regime

The UK's replacement for the EU's REACH chemical regulation system has gone live. Here's what you need to do and when in order to comply with it, and the risks you face if you don't

Chemical risks and hazards

Brexit countdown: Will divergence on hazardous substances controls kickstart a ‘race to the bottom’?

With just days until the transition period ends, there are fears that powers being transferred to the devolved administrations on hazardous substances could spark a race to the bottom on environmental standards. Conor McGlone reports

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