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End-of-waste review: Why waste recyclers could be in for significant cost increases

End-of-waste review: Why waste recyclers could be in for significant cost increases

Firms who turn waste into new products could be in line for significant extra costs as a result of the Environment Agency’s review of end-of-waste criteria. Conor McGlone investigates

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Environmental Law

Landowner pays £27,000 for chemical dumping that killed fish

A retired plant nursery owner has received a small fine for allowing waste pesticides to enter a watercourse, though has been forced to pay £25,000 in costs to the Environment Agency

Environmental Politics

DEFRA’s new ministerial team: 9 things you need to know

It has been all change at DEFRA since Boris Johnson became prime minister in July. Here’s what you need to know about the department’s new ministerial team

Brexit Hub Brexit

Operation Yellowhammer: ‘Just in time’ supply chain at risk, warns chemicals sector

Crashing out of the EU without a deal could cause months of supply chain chaos, according to official contingency plans published yesterday, with the UK chemicals sector urging the government to secure a Brexit deal to prevent disruption


ECHA unveils details of new hazardous waste database

Suppliers of products containing substances of very high concern will have to provide information for a new Europe-wide database from January 2021, under plans unveiled by the European Chemicals Agency

Brexit Hub Products & Chemicals

No-deal Brexit: Half of UK’s REACH registrants unprepared, EU warns

Just under half of the British companies that have registered chemicals under the EU’s REACH regime are yet to transfer those registrations to a company based within the EU27 in preparation for Brexit, according to the European Commission



Enforcement action: The regulations that are no longer enforced

Enforcement action: The regulations that are no longer enforced

There are some regulations that the Environment Agency has stopped enforcing entirely – does this reflect a change in the regulator’s approach to enforcement or a lack of capacity to tackle serious environmental crimes?


How councils are trying to slash glyphosate use

A Merseyside council received heavy criticism after it announced it had sprayed a beach with weedkiller glyphosate, but like other authorities it is seeking to phase out the use of the herbicide

Brexit Hub Environmental Politics

Do Boris Johnson’s new Spads want to slash environmental protections?

Could the recruitment of a group of young, libertarian special advisers lead to the erosion of environmental standards? Jocelyn Timperley reports

Civil sanctions

Focus on: civil sanctions

More than 370 enforcement undertakings have been agreed in England since 2011, totalling £14.8m in contributions to environmental causes, according to analysis of Environment Agency figures by ENDS

Environmental Law

9 environmental policy and compliance deadlines to look out for in August

Important deadlines relating to cosmetic products, transport procurement, ecolabel criteria, clean air zones, chemicals, flooding, and marine conservation are coming up in August

Environmental Politics

Environmental policy: what's in the new PM's in-tray?

As well as ensuring the safe passage of the Environment Bill and organising a new cabinet, Boris Johnson’s top environmental priorities should include making decisions on chemicals regulation, Heathrow expansion, the waste and resources strategy and energy efficiency, according to experts

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