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Products & Chemicals

UK Chemicals Strategy: Why experts are still arguing over the basics

UK Chemicals Strategy: Why experts are still arguing over the basics

With much of the forthcoming Chemicals Strategy still blank, experts are seeking to ensure that it bolsters enforcement, ensures transparent decision-making and maintains risk-based regulation.... Read more

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Products & Chemicals

ECHA names four new substances of very high concern

The European Chemicals Agency has added four chemicals to its list of substances of very high concern and has also proposed restrictions on 4,000 chemicals used in tattoo inks


Tank failure releases acid cloud in Essex

Schools have been closed and residents advised to keep doors and windows closed following a substantial incident in West Thurrock yesterday

Products & Chemicals

‘Forever chemical’ to be named as SVHC

The European Chemicals Agency is to declare highly persistent perfluorobutane sulfonic acid and its salts (PFBS) as a substance of very high concern under REACH, putting it in line for further regulatory measures


EA to reduce number of packaging recovery operator site inspections

The Environment Agency has announced it will significantly reduce the number of inspections it undertakes at sites issuing packaging waste recovery notes during 2020

Industrial emissions

Investigation into ‘unacceptable’ flaring at ExxonMobil works reaches final stages

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency has announced that its investigation into flaring at ExxonMobil’s ethylene works in Fife is nearing completion later than anticipated


Brexit Hub Policy

Policy changes that need to be on your radar in 2020

Policy changes that need to be on your radar in 2020

With the UK set to formally leave the EU at the end of this month, fundamental changes to environmental policy and legislation are on the cards. ENDS checks the policy radar to identify what you need to prepare for in the coming year

Climate change

Net zero: 6 breakthrough technologies for heavy industry

Decarbonising heavy industry presents a major challenge to reaching net-zero emissions. But new solutions are on the horizon. ENDS looks at six emerging technologies

Environmental Law

6 of industry’s greatest environmental challenges

Corporate adaptation to climate change, toxics in the supply chain, particulate air pollution and decarbonising cement and steel are among ENDS’ list of industry’s biggest green challenges

Brexit Hub Environmental Politics

Unfinished business: 7 critical green plans left in limbo

A number of critical fledgling bills and environmental strategies have been left with an uncertain future as a result of the general election. ENDS takes a look at some of the most important outstanding environmental strategies


The debrief: How a Belgian cement plant is blazing a trail to net-zero emissions

The cement industry has a long journey ahead if it is to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement. One carbon capture demonstration project shows a possible way forward

Contaminated land

Grenfell fire: Will a toxicology expert's resignation prompt a rethink about risk assessment?

Concerns over the government’s approach to the environmental aftermath of one of the UK’s worst modern disasters led a toxicology expert to quit an advisory panel in August. Does contamination pose an ongoing health threat?

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