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Coronavirus: How the waste sector is pulling together to keep recycling going during ...

Coronavirus: How the waste sector is pulling together to keep recycling going during

Despite fears at the outset of the lockdown that councils would be forced to suspend recycling services, local authorities, the waste sector and the government are working together to keep vital collections running. Conor McGlone finds out how... Read more

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Brexit Hub Products & Chemicals

UK draft post-Brexit deal: 6 things we learned about chemicals regulations

The UK government this week published a draft agreement setting out its vision for a post-Brexit relationship with the EU, including an annex on chemicals regulations. ENDS takes you through what you need to know


Waste supply chain standard launched to ‘challenge status quo’

Organisations will now be able to disclose a complete picture of the waste impacts of their activities, products and services, according to the developers of a new standard published today

Brexit Hub Chemicals

‘Regrettable’: MPs raise concerns over post-Brexit chemicals strategy

The new chair of the Environmental Audit Committee has written to DEFRA setting out his concerns with its preparations for regulating the chemicals industry after Brexit, particularly in light of the Covid-19 crisis


Pow: PFAS substances should be tackled together in future legislation

Activists and campaigners have welcomed comments from environment minister Rebecca Pow that per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances should be treated as a group in future chemicals legislation

Environmental Politics

Updated: 9 major environmental policies disrupted by Covid-19

Plans to develop DEFRA’s vital environmental land management scheme, the Chemicals Strategy, post-Brexit freeports and clean air zones across the country have been put on hold in response to the pandemic. ENDS takes a look at the projects and policies being delayed during the lockdown


Environmental Law

Policy briefing: Get ready for the Treasury’s tax on plastic packaging

Policy briefing: Get ready for the Treasury’s tax on plastic packaging

The Treasury is consulting on the design of a new tax on plastic packaging, due to apply from 1 April 2022. Here’s what you need to know about the implications for business


UPDATED: 21 green rules that have been relaxed in response to Covid-19

UK environmental regulators have in recent days issued a clutch of temporary regulatory position statements in response to the coronavirus crisis, granting businesses additional flexibility in order to keep key sectors of the economy moving. Here's what you need to know

Products & Chemicals

Should titanium dioxide have been named a carcinogen?

There will be serious consequences from the EU decision to label the vital industrial chemical titanium dioxide as a carcinogen, says industry, while campaigners say lobbying watered down the European Commission’s response. Gareth Simkins reports

Products & Chemicals

5 things you need to know about PFAS

There are almost 5,000 forms of per- and polyfluroalkyl substances (PFAS), according to the OECD. What are they and where are they found?

Brexit Hub Environmental Law

43 things you need to know about the Environment Bill

The Environment Bill has returned to parliament with new powers on plastic waste and a requirement for ministers to review and report on international green law. Here's what you need to know about what's new and what has been retained

Environmental Law

Infographic: Focus on serious pollution incidents

There were 533 serious pollution incidents in England in 2018, up 27% on the previous year, with illegal waste activities, waste management activities and farming among the main culprits

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