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How lockdown has changed the UK’s environmental regulators

How lockdown has changed the UK’s environmental regulators

Regulators had to adapt to new working conditions during lockdown and while some aspects were challenging, others were improved, prompting them to consider changing the way they work permanently. David Burrows reports... Read more

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‘Stop demonising waste incineration', says industry body

Waste industry body the Environmental Services Association has hit back at criticism of the energy-from-waste industry


Energy-from-waste plants ‘concentrated in poorest areas’, claims investigation

The waste industry appears to be targeting the construction of new incineration infrastructure at low-income areas with high populations of racial minorities, according to Greenpeace

Brexit Hub Legislation

What targets should be set out in the Environment Bill?

Green groups have welcomed the Environment Bill’s target-setting provision and a government paper determining the goals is imminent. James Fair asks what kind of targets the government should be aiming at


Government agrees to implement EU Circular Economy Package

The UK, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Ireland governments will legislate to implement the EU Circular Economy Package (CEP) without further consultation, they said today in a joint statement


England waste review finds mixed track record in prevention initiatives

Measures to prevent waste production in England since 2013 have only been partially successful, according to a review of the government’s waste prevention programme published by waste charity WRAP



PPE: The next big single-use plastic problem

PPE: The next big single-use plastic problem

Billions of items of PPE have been procured by the UK government in response to the coronavirus pandemic, and demand is rising among the public. Many of these items will be used only once. Has Covid-19 killed off public concern and political impetus to reduce plastic pollution?

Civil sanctions

Enforcement undertakings: Is the system being exploited by companies with deep pockets?

Over £17m has been paid out to good causes since enforcement undertakings were introduced in England a decade ago. Who has paid out the most and should they have faced prosecution instead?

Brexit Hub Environmental Law

Has Eustice fired the starting gun on a ‘deregulatory race to the bottom’?

The environment secretary has set out plans to overhaul the EIA regime and ditch elements of EU green law, following Boris Johnson’s announcement that he intends to ‘scythe through red tape’ and build the country out of its economic slump, a move which has elicited fears for the future of green protections. Rachel Salvidge reports


Plastic rain: How thousands of tonnes of microplastics are falling to earth

A new study sheds light on the huge volume of unseen plastics and the distances they are travelling in the atmosphere. The UK government positioned itself as a ‘world leader’ in tackling plastic pollution when introducing its ban on microbeads in 2018, but is it going far enough? asks Conor McGlone


Why packaging fraudsters are importing plastic waste from the Netherlands

The Environment Agency confirmed last week it was investigating PRN ‘carousel’ fraud amid renewed calls for action from the industry. Conor McGlone investigates how fraudsters are manipulating the system and what can be done about it


Compliance during lockdown: Can the EA justify its subsistence fees?

The Environment Agency says it is finding new ways to regulate during lockdown. But with questions over the effectiveness of remote compliance checks and delays in permitting, is it able to justify its subsistence charges? Conor McGlone investigates

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