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Biodiversity / conservation

Johnson’s new biodiversity target: 8 things you need to know

Johnson’s new biodiversity target: 8 things you need to know

The prime minister has announced with great fanfare that he intends to protect 30% of the UK’s land by 2030, alongside 30 other countries pledging to do the same. But how meaningful is the target and how likely is it that the goal will be achieved? ENDS takes a look at the government’s track record on nature... Read more

Latest news

Water pollution

EA issues formal warning over sewage pollution in struggling protected area

Southern Water has been issued with a formal warning after equipment failure led to sewage being pumped into the already heavily nitrate polluted and protected Chichester Harbour last month

Land, Ecology & Development

Inspector blocks warehouse scheme over groundwater pollution fears

Plans for two industrial warehouses in Hertfordshire have been blocked by a planning inspector because of the potential pollution risks to groundwater and the public water supply

Environmental Politics

‘Ecological emergency’: Pioneering strategy aims to improve Bristol's water quality and cut pesticide use

A coalition of public, private and third sector organisations have set a target for all of Bristol’s waterways to have water quality that supports healthy wildlife by 2030 in a new 'ecological emergency' strategy which aims to protect natural life in and around the city

Water pollution

‘Free for all’: EA officers ‘inspect just one farm every 263 years’

Environment Agency officers made just 403 visits to registered farm businesses in England in 2018/19 - suggesting that farmers can expect to receive an inspection from the regulator once every 263 years - an NGO has claimed following a freedom of information request

Protected areas

DEFRA blames EU laws as Greenpeace drops granite blocks to stop trawling

DEFRA has said EU legislation is making it difficult to introduce measures in offshore Marine Protected Areas, after Greenpeace this week built an underwater barrier to stop alleged bottom trawling in the North Sea


Water pollution

Infographic: England's River Health

Infographic: England's River Health

The proportion of England’s rivers in good ecological health has plateaued at 14%, according to official classifications published in September, while the status of more than 100 has been rated as ‘bad’

Water pollution

Death on the Wye: Is chicken manure destroying the ecology of the river?

The polluted state of the river Wye hit the headlines this year. Campaigners say chicken farms are to blame and NRW has launched a review but is it likely to satisfy anyone? Adam Branson investigates

Biodiversity / conservation

Is wildlife restoration about to become big business?

With rewilding gaining in popularity and biodiversity net gain soon to be mandated, more private money is becoming interested in what some believe will become a ‘potentially huge market’. James Fair reports

Water pollution

Sewage pollution: Which water companies have the biggest clean-up task?

The water sector must investigate more than 700 sewer outfalls to find out why they are dumping raw sewage into rivers so frequently and improve hundreds more by 2025 in an attempt to improve water quality, but which firms have the biggest task ahead? Asks Rachel Salvidge

Water quality

MAPPED: England's healthiest – and most polluted – rivers

The proportion of England’s rivers in good ecological health has plateaued at 14%, according to official classifications published last week, while the status of more than 100 has been rated as ‘bad’. Use ENDS’ map to view the locations of these water bodies

Water pollution

England’s polluted rivers: 11 things you need to know

Green group’s worst fears were confirmed yesterday when DEFRA published its overdue river health classifications revealing that not one water body in England could be deemed as being in good condition. Here’s what you need to know

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