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Infographic: Focus on flooding

Infographic: Focus on flooding

Nearly one in 10 homes were built in high flood risk areas in 2017/18, according to official data from the the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government

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Land, Ecology & Development

Coronavirus: Regulator struggles to respond to spike in pollution events

An increase in ammonia pollution events believed to be the result of 'irresponsible slurry spreading' has led to the closure of water treatment works and prompted Wales’ environmental regulator to remind farmers of their responsibilities

Water pollution

Coronavirus in sewage and rivers: 7 things you need to know

Scientists say that coronaviruses can survive in sewage for weeks, raising questions over whether they are entering rivers intact via discharges and what impact that might have on people and the environment. Here’s what we know so far


RPS wins Thames Water’s £2.5m chemicals investigation tender

Thames Water has contracted environmental consultancy RPS to supply sampling, laboratory analysis and reporting services for chemical pollution in wastewater and rivers

Waste water & sewage

Coronavirus: Sewage test ‘could identify Covid-19 carriers’

A test that could be used to predict the spread of Covid-19 in local areas by identifying biomarkers in sewage is being developed by academics at Cranfield University

Ground water

Giant potash mine in national park applies for water abstraction licence

The company behind plans for the ‘world’s largest’ potash mine has applied to the Environment Agency for a licence to abstract close to two million litres of groundwater a year within the North York Moors national park



Could rivers be carrying coronavirus from sewage works?

Could rivers be carrying coronavirus from sewage works?

Scientists have found that coronaviruses can survive in sewage and remain infectious but little is known about how long Covid-19 can last and whether it might pose a risk to people and wildlife from rivers and seas. Rachel Salvidge investigates


Why the water industry is engaged in its ‘biggest ever rebellion’ against Ofwat

Ofwat wants water companies to cut bills, stop paying out large dividends and improve performance, but many in the industry say it cannot be done. James Fair reports


38(2): the regulation that has cost firms more than £10m

A failure to comply with permit conditions can prove costly, with recent penalties running into tens - and even hundreds - of thousands of pounds. Here's what you need to know about regulation 38(2), one of England’s most frequently enforced environmental regulations

Waste water & sewage

The debrief: How a simple change helped a luxury carmaker slash its water use

Having switched to renewable electricity and gas, Bentley Motors has turned its attention to reducing water use at its Crewe factory. A first-of-its-kind project is projected to save hundreds of thousands of litres a year


Scotland’s salmon farming conundrum

Could a new regulatory regime address concerns about salmon farming's environmental impacts in Scotland and criticisms of SEPA's ‘light touch’ approach to enforcement?

Land, Ecology & Development

The benefits of letting beavers loose in England's rivers

An evaluation of a first-of-a-kind beaver project in Devon has found that the biodiversity and flood management benefits that Eurasian beavers bring to English landscapes far out outweigh any negatives, but some farmers are concerned about their impact on farmland. James Agyepong-Parsons reports

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