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How lockdown has changed the UK’s environmental regulators

How lockdown has changed the UK’s environmental regulators

Regulators had to adapt to new working conditions during lockdown and while some aspects were challenging, others were improved, prompting them to consider changing the way they work permanently. David Burrows reports... Read more

Latest news

Water pollution

Pollution tracker: 5 of the worst pollution incidents reported in July

Updated monthly: ENDS’ pollution tracker logs some of the worst pollution incidents taking place across the UK each month, along with any action that is being undertaken to remedy the damage. The latest update includes news of human waste found in a housing development pond, and a probe into an oil spill that killed five swans


River Wharfe set to be designated as bathing water

A part of Yorkshire’s river Wharfe in Ilkely will be the first river to be designated as bathing water in the UK, if DEFRA follows through with plans put to consultation on Friday

Planning & land use

Nitrates crisis: Green light for ‘nitrate neutral’ development in Hampshire

A property developer has received permission to start work on a retirement housing scheme in an ecologically sensitive area after Natural England approved the use of water flow regulators to prevent additional nitrates pollution

Land, Ecology & Development

‘Ground-breaking decision’: beavers cleared to remain in Devon

DEFRA has said a population of European beavers can remain after being reintroduced successfully into a Devon river and will consult on a national programme for the species


‘Sigourney Beaver’ released on Cornish estate

A Eurasian beaver called Sigourney has been released in Bodmin Moor as part of a new rewilding project in Cornwall


Civil sanctions

Enforcement undertakings: Is the system being exploited by companies with deep pockets?

Enforcement undertakings: Is the system being exploited by companies with deep pockets?

Over £17m has been paid out to good causes since enforcement undertakings were introduced in England a decade ago. Who has paid out the most and should they have faced prosecution instead?

Water resources, efficiency

Countdown to Day Zero: what will happen when London runs out of water?

Two years ago Cape Town’s water supply was nearly shut off. Last year, Chennai officials declared 'Day Zero', with no water for eight million people. London could be next. Here's what their experiences tell us about what to expect when taps run dry

Brexit Hub Environmental Law

Has Eustice fired the starting gun on a ‘deregulatory race to the bottom’?

The environment secretary has set out plans to overhaul the EIA regime and ditch elements of EU green law, following Boris Johnson’s announcement that he intends to ‘scythe through red tape’ and build the country out of its economic slump, a move which has elicited fears for the future of green protections. Rachel Salvidge reports


Focus on: Bathing water quality

The UK ranks 25th out of 30 European countries for bathing water quality, according to a recent survey. Where are the worst sites to take a dip?

Water resources, efficiency

Why England's driest ever May is a sign of things to come

The Environment Agency appears to be in a muddle over whether England will face water shortages of 4.7bn or 3.4bn litres per day by 2050, but it is clear that the regulator and the water sector have known for more than a decade that without action demand would soon outstrip supply, so why are we not better prepared? Rachel Salvidge investigates

Biodiversity / conservation

Covid-19: The pandemic's threat to environmental progress

‘Malicious’ wildlife crime is on the rise during the Covid-19 pandemic as green groups’ incomes crash and regulators stay at home, leaving nature vulnerable and huge numbers of environmental programmes undelivered. Rachel Salvidge reports

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