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Waste water & sewage

Focus on: Covid-19 surveillance

Focus on: Covid-19 surveillance

Scientists in Scotland have been using water samples to get a head start on the coronavirus pandemic

Latest news

Brexit Hub Legislation

Environment Bill: Pow fends off attempts to strengthen green watchdog

Environment minister Rebecca Pow has seen off attempts to make changes to the Environment Bill that would give the future Office for Environmental Protection greater powers of enforcement

Ground water

Overhaul of chemical groundwater pollution rules planned

Changes to the rules on toxic chemicals in groundwater and related aspects of the contaminated land regime are being planned by the Scottish environmental regulator in a move it claims will help address Scotland’s industrial pollution legacy


Emma Howard Boyd: Water company fines ‘must hurt’

Water companies should be levied with much larger fines based on their turnover if they 'cannot turn around their performances', the chair of the Environment Agency has said

Environmental Politics

Environment Bill amendments seek ‘clean air duty’ and to reduce demand for water

A cross-party group of MPs has proposed that the government should report annually on what work departments and public authorities are doing to improve both outdoor and indoor air pollution, and how they are working together

Brexit Hub Legislation

Wales plans new green watchdog

The Welsh government has announced plans to establish its own green watchdog to take on the oversight functions of the European Commission, rejecting ideas that it could fall under the scope of Westminster's planned Office for Environmental Protection


Brexit Hub Regulation

'The dirty man of Europe': where green rules could diverge after Brexit

'The dirty man of Europe': where green rules could diverge after Brexit

On 31 December, the Brexit transition period will end and the UK will leave the customs union and single market. The stage is set for the UK to diverge from European environmental regulations, but are some rules more at risk than others?

Planning & land use

The debrief: How a farm is helping to offset nitrate pollution in a European protected site

Concerns over nitrate pollution from new housing developments have blocked planning consents for thousands of homes, but the purchase of a farm on the Isle of Wight offers a solution to the problem while creating new habitats

Brexit Hub Enforcement

DEFRA’s new Environmental Governance Secretariat: 12 things you need to know

An interim green watchdog will be operational until at least summer next year while the Environment Bill completes its passage through parliament, the environment secretary confirmed this week. Here’s what you need to know

Land, Ecology & Development

Why the phosphates crisis is poised to cripple development in Wales

English local authorities hit by the phosphates and nitrates crises have responded by refusing to approve planning applications in protected areas unless developers can demonstrate ‘nutrient neutrality’. Is Wales about to do the same? James Agyepong-Parsons investigates

Brexit Hub Legislation

What do DEFRA’s Environment Bill amendments mean for nature?

Two new government amendments to the bill aim to reform the way species are protected from development, but not everyone is convinced. James Fair reports

Brexit Hub Enforcement

Watchdog or lapdog? Will the Office for Environmental Protection secure independence?

Government amendments to the environment bill have brought the independence of the Office for Environmental Protection into question before its work has even begun. Catherine Early reports

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