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Brexit Hub Environmental Law

Why industry wants to save the Environment Bill

Why industry wants to save the Environment Bill

A number of critical bills and fledgling environmental policies have been left in limbo as a result of the general election, casting future legislation into doubt. But above all, business wants the... Read more

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Water pollution

Water firm to fight fish kill compensation decision

A water company is appealing a court decision to award a local angling club compensation for a sewage leak that it claims led to more than 250 fish deaths in a Cambridge river

Land, Ecology & Development

Approval recommended for ‘bromate plume’ quarry

A planned quarry should be given a green light, despite the site being affected by bromate pollution from an old chemical works, according to county council officers


Environment agency finds high levels of antibiotics in sewage effluent

High concentrations of antibiotics that could pose a significant risk to the aquatic environment have been detected in several wastewater treatment works in Northern Ireland, according to the environment agency

Environmental Politics

Police chief calls for closer scrutiny of Environment Agency

A senior police commissioner has called for more scrutiny of the Environment Agency’s work in the wake of last week’s flooding


Council takes on Environment Agency and water firm over ‘perilous state of rivers’

A council has unanimously voted to urge the Environment Agency and a water company to take action to protect rivers in which 'the watercourses are dry, the fish are dead and other associated wildlife is gone'


Environmental Law

6 of industry’s greatest environmental challenges

6 of industry’s greatest environmental challenges

Corporate adaptation to climate change, toxics in the supply chain, particulate air pollution and decarbonising cement and steel are among ENDS’ list of industry’s biggest green challenges


Why official data could show a decline in England’s water quality

A delay to the publication of a critical river health report and criticism of sampling methods have led observers to question whether DEFRA is obfuscating over the state of England’s water bodies and if the true picture is worse than currently thought. Rachel Salvidge investigates


Water pollution: Britain's 7 largest payouts

Companies that pollute water bodies can be fined through the courts or offer voluntary enforcement undertakings to the environment agencies to avoid criminal sanctions. Here are seven of the biggest water penalties recorded in the ENDS Fines Monitor database


England’s bathing water quality in 3 charts

The number of bathing waters in England reaching the required water quality standard rose this year, with the majority being classified as ‘excellent’, according to Environment Agency figures

Environmental Law

Enforcement undertakings: Britain's 10 largest settlements

Since 2015, companies that commit certain offences under environmental permitting regulations have been able to offer voluntary enforcement undertakings (EUs) to the environment agencies to avoid criminal sanctions. Conor McGlone looks through some of the largest settlements

Brexit Hub Environmental Politics

Unfinished business: 7 critical green plans left in limbo

A number of critical fledgling bills and environmental strategies have been left with an uncertain future as a result of the general election. ENDS takes a look at some of the most important outstanding environmental strategies

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