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  • Lessons learned from working across government on other issues, such as health and social care, need to be learned for air quality to improve. Photograph: 123RF

    Whitehall air quality policy ‘disjointed’

    Inter-departmental collaboration needs to improve to raise air quality, says the National Audit Office

  • Convenience store chain Costcutter agreed to donate £650,000 to WRAP for breaking packaging waste regulations over 17 years. Photograph: Philafrenzy/Wikimedia Commons

    Civil sanctions: unfinished business

    Implementing civil sanctions, an alternative to pursuing justice through the courts, has been a success. But wider revisions to environmental enforcement have been left hanging. Gareth Simkins investigates

  • COP23 in Bonn concluded with an agreement on technicalities. Photograph: UNFCCC

    COP23 yields slow but measurable progress

    The annual meeting of Paris Agreement signatories resolved some technical issues while leaving unresolved questions about coal and oil

  • Wales will have total control. Photograph: David Pimborough/123RF

    Wales takes control of water supplies

    A new water protocol will give the Welsh Assembly full control over its water supply and water quality, putting it on equal footing with Westminster

  • UK trying to look tough on climate change while smoothing way for trade deals. Photograph: 123RF

    COP23: UK climate policy overshadowed by Brexit

    The imminent departure of the UK from the EU raises questions about the impact Brexit will have on future climate talks for both Britain and Europe

  • Sending old diesel cars to the scrapheap would do little to improve air quality Photograph: David Wright/Geograph

    Scrappage won’t work, says new study

    A unique investigation of millions of cars on the UK’s roads has shown that the least polluting ones are found in the most polluted areas

  • Governments are increasingly committed to phasing out coal power. Photograph: Petar Milošević/Wikimedia

    Global grouping plans to make coal history

    The UK and Canada have launched a global alliance of countries and regions dedicated to phasing out coal power

  • Haweswater reservoir. Photograph: ATGimages/123RF

    EA models future water scenarios

    The EA has modelled five future scenarios exploring the implications for water resources and management

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