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  • Jamie Carpenter, editor, ENDS Report Comment

    Is there substance behind plan’s ambitions?

    The content of forthcoming consultations and strategies will reveal whether there is substance behind the vision outlined in the 25-year plan

  • Blue gate in field. Photograph: Pixabay

    25-year plan: What people are saying

    With the publication of its environment plan, the government has set the scene for the next 25 years, but are people liking the view?

  • Plastic waste washed up on beach. Photograph: Fabien Monteil/123RF

    Plastics to be targeted in new 25-year plan

    The new 25-year environment plan will be unveiled later today by prime minister Theresa May with a pledge to eliminate unnecessary plastic waste by 2042

  • Drilling rig. Photograph: Bizoon/123RF

    Also in the news: Brexit and Aarhus

    Five stories in brief, including FoE’s challenge to Brexit, environment ministers unruffled, London falling behind and Sussex drill test approved

  • Microbeads in toothpaste. Photograph: Thegreenj/GFDL1.2 Analysis

    How microbeads ban targets plastics problem

    The government’s ban on rinse-off microbeads which came into force 9 January has been praised by various groups, but experts call for further action on other sources of the pollutant

  • Greg Clark, secretary of state for BEIS Photograph: Wikimedia Updated

    Clark remains as business secretary

    Despite briefings and pressure for him to go, BEIS secretary Greg Clark has defied predictions and remained in key post

  • Plane flying over houses on descent into Heathrow. Photograph: Markus Mainka/123RF

    Heathrow rows back on green incentives

    Heathrow Airport has increased noise and emissions-related landing charges far less than it had proposed while cutting the cost of domestic flights

  • Coffee cup and coffee beans Photograph: Somsak Sudthangtum/123RF

    ‘Latte levy’ targets 100% coffee cup recycling

    The Commons’ Environmental Audit Committee says that if a levy on disposable coffee cups doesn’t result in 100% cup recycling by 2023, the beverage containers should be banned

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