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  • Scientist pipetting substance into test tubes. Photograph: Sinitar/123RF

    ECHA urges seven additions to REACH list

    A further seven toxic substances are recommended for the REACH chemicals regime authorisation list after the ECHA ran a public consultation in 2017

  • DEFRA sign. Photograph: DEFRA

    £16m extra for DEFRA Brexit preparations

    DEFRA has been granted extra cash to spend on preparations for leaving the EU, including new IT systems for chemicals registration

  • Microbeads in toothpaste. Photograph: Thegreenj/GFDL1.2 Analysis

    How microbeads ban targets plastics problem

    The government’s ban on rinse-off microbeads which came into force 9 January has been praised by various groups, but experts call for further action on other sources of the pollutant

  • Michael Gove. Photograph: DEFRA

    Brexit puts ‘significant strain’ on DEFRA

    Brexit and repeated resource cuts have left DEFRA struggling to fulfil its duties, forcing it to review and de-prioritise aspects of its workload, according to the National Audit Office

  • Richard Macrory

    Pesticide firm and HSE in conflict over data access

    A recent ruling on testing pesticide products in the field set an important precedent for studies involving animals that are subject to data-sharing provisions under EU regulations, writes Richard Macrory

  • WRAP says clearer food labelling would cut wastage. Photograph: lightpoet/123RF

    Better labelling could cut food waste 17%

    Clearer food labels would stop consumers throwing food away unnecessarily, cutting the 4.4 million tonnes of avoidable food waste each year, WRAP believes

  • Playground surfaces made from old tires meet end-of-waste criteria as a new product. Photograph: 123RF

    New beginning for the end

    Closure of the Environment Agency’s ‘definition of waste panel’ sent mixed messages on achieving end of waste but what does its reopening say about it, and what have we learned from its absence? Conor McGlone investigates

  • Tattoo inks are poorly regulated in the UK and much of the EU. Photograph: Ivan Reka/123RF

    EU set to crack down on tattoo chemicals

    ECHA has put forward bans or concentration limits for 4,000 substances present in tattoo inks

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