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  • Mountain of electrical waste Analysis

    Making WEEE fairer and more efficient?

    The methodology used to calculate the WEEE compliance fee is aimed at encouraging the collection and recycling of electronic waste but is the fourth iteration, chosen by DEFRA, anymore likely to achieve this in a fair and efficient way? Conor McGlone investigates

  • Chinese man standing behind shredded plastic. Photograph: CPress Photo Limited/Alamy Stock Photo Analysis

    Stranded assets: what does China's import ban mean for the UK waste industry?

    China’s ban on imports of certain recyclate is a bigger threat to the waste industry than Brexit, say industry insiders, but it is also an opportunity to rethink how the UK recycles its waste. Conor McGlone investigates

  • Linda Crichton, head of resource management, WRAP

    WRAP waste expert seconded to DEFRA

    Linda Crichton, an influential name in the waste sector, has been seconded from WRAP to DEFRA to help with the reform of the PRN system

  • Blue gate in field. Photograph: Pixabay

    25-year plan: What people are saying

    With the publication of its environment plan, the government has set the scene for the next 25 years, but are people liking the view?

  • Field with trees and stream. Photograph: David Ronald Head/123RF

    25-year environment plan splits opinion

    The highly-anticipated 25-year environment plan has split opinion with some saying it ‘lacks teeth and urgency’ while others praise its scope and ambition

  • Microbeads in toothpaste. Photograph: Thegreenj/GFDL1.2 Analysis

    How microbeads ban targets plastics problem

    The government’s ban on rinse-off microbeads which came into force 9 January has been praised by various groups, but experts call for further action on other sources of the pollutant

  • Michael Gove. Photograph: DEFRA

    Brexit puts ‘significant strain’ on DEFRA

    Brexit and repeated resource cuts have left DEFRA struggling to fulfil its duties, forcing it to review and de-prioritise aspects of its workload, according to the National Audit Office

  • The report says there should be a review of innovative circular economy practices throughout the economy. Photograph: 123RF

    Industry welcomes chief scientific report

    A report, which has been delayed by more than a year, chimes with repeated industry calls for more government leadership on waste policy

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