Our ENDS Report Trackers help you to monitor activity in key areas for environmental professionals, helping you to effectively monitor risk, identify new opportunities, manage key deadlines and benchmark best practice in core activities


Fines Monitor

Manage risk by keeping up to date with essential information on environmental financial penalties


EIA Benchmarking

Track environmental impact assessment activity on the biggest infrastructure projects in England and Wales

Fines Monitor

Air Fines Monitor

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Fines Monitor image

Click through to view a live table containing details of tens of millions of pounds of financial penalties issued by regulators in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland for breaches of environmental regulations

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EIA benchmarking

Energy EIA Benchmarking Monitor

EIA Benchmarking Monitor: live table

benchmarking monitor

Our live table contains details of the latest EIA activity on major projects being decided via the fast-track Planning Act 2008 regime for infrastructure schemes in England and Wales.

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Brexit library

Air Brexit Hub

The ENDS Report Brexit Library: live table

brexit library

Click through to view a sortable and regularly updated table of key Brexit-related policy, legislation and guidance documents published by the UK government, devolved administrations and the European Commission

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