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  • Mountain of electrical waste Analysis

    Making WEEE fairer and more efficient?

    The methodology used to calculate the WEEE compliance fee is aimed at encouraging the collection and recycling of electronic waste but is the fourth iteration, chosen by DEFRA, anymore likely to achieve this in a fair and efficient way? Conor McGlone investigates

  • Michael Gove. Photograph: DEFRA

    Brexit puts ‘significant strain’ on DEFRA

    Brexit and repeated resource cuts have left DEFRA struggling to fulfil its duties, forcing it to review and de-prioritise aspects of its workload, according to the National Audit Office

  • Newhaven incinerator

    How Environment Agency charges are set to change

    The Environment Agency has extended a consultation on its wide-ranging charging proposals, but fears remain that firms will not have enough time to prepare for the proposed introduction of the revised fees in April 2018. Jamie Carpenter and Gareth Simkins investigate

  • Environment Agency inspectors have found compliance with permit conditions increased only a little in 2016. Photograph: Environment Agency/James Fletcher

    Permit compliance progress slowed in 2016

    New Environment Agency performance data shines a spotlight on the plants and operators with the worst records of compliance in 2016

  • Environment secretary Michael Gove. Photograph: Parliament TV

    Gove mulls Environmental Protection Bill

    An Environmental Protection Act and a national policy statement underpinning environmental principles are being considered by the environment secretary

  • People are worried their personal data could be breached. Photograph: Winai Tepsuttinun/123RF

    Data fears stalling WEEE recycling

    Seven in ten people in the UK are being put off recycling old and unused electrical products because of concerns about personal security data breaches

  • Categorisation of waste electrical and electronic materials will change but how? Photograph: PNphoto/123RF

    Striking a balance on WEEE regulations

    DEFRA is consulting on how to implement amended WEEE regulations without unfairly burdening some manufacturing sectors

  • Demand for landfill in London is continuing to fall with more being burned for EfW. Photograph: Gui Yongnian/123RF

    London mayor told to push circular economy

    A report from the London Assembly environment committee urges the mayor to push the circular economy in London as it claims economic as well as environmental benefits for the city

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