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  • Cardboard packaging baled for recycling

    Waste and resources strategy: Producers to pay full recycling costs

    Producers will be forced to pay the full costs of disposal for the packaging they place on the market under rules set out in the highly-anticipated waste and resources strategy, published today

  • Co-op shopping bag

    The debrief: How compostable bags are helping a retailer cut its plastics use

    Co-op is offering compostable carrier bags at 1,000 stores, but barriers may prevent wider take-up. Conor McGlone visits the Italian facility that supplies the new biodegradable bags to the retailer

  • Waste single-use plastics

    BEIS announces £60m investment into sustainable packaging

    The government has today announced up to £60m of new funding aimed at boosting the sustainable packaging industry and reducing  the impact of harmful plastics on the environment

  • Mary Creagh MP, chair, Environmental Audit Committee

    The watchdog watcher: Interview with Mary Creagh

    ‘The government has got far more experience putting down watchdogs than setting them up’. Environmental audit committee chair Mary Creagh talks to Conor McGlone about what Brexit could mean for environmental protections in the UK

  • Swanage Bay

    Water firm agrees record £1m enforcement undertaking

    Wessex Water has paid an unprecedented £1m for a series of sewage discharges into Swanage Bay. Tesco, Carlsberg and others have also made a further £1.2m in charitable payouts for environmental offences

  • Shopper carrying plastic bag

    Guidance launched to help businesses slash plastic

    Resources charity WRAP has published guidance aimed at helping the food industry meet a number of targets on tackling plastic pollution by 2025

  • Cardboard packaging baled for recycling

    BEIS report backs tougher waste regulation

    There is “significant room for improvement” in the UK’s approach to waste management and regulation as a whole, according to an assessment of regulatory regimes around the world conducted for the government

  • Philip Hammond at the dispatch box - Budget 2018

    2018 BUDGET: Five things you need to know

    While the Autumn Budget may have been low on surprises for energy and the environment, it did provide more detail on the government’s no-deal plans and its plastic packaging strategy. ENDS spoke to industry observers about the most significant announcements. Here’s what you need to know

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