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  • Waste single-use plastics Analysis

    How the 25-year plan targets single-use plastics

    Measures to tackle the ‘scourge’ of plastics pollution were placed at the forefront of the 25-year environment plan, but experts have warned of unintended consequences

  • Blue gate in field. Photograph: Pixabay

    25-year plan: What people are saying

    With the publication of its environment plan, the government has set the scene for the next 25 years, but are people liking the view?

  • Cotswolds rural landscape. Photograph: David Ronald Head/123RF

    25-year plan: 10 things you need to know

    10 things you need to know about the 25-year plan, including a promised chemicals strategy and proposals to end ‘avoidable’ plastic waste by 2042

  • People sorting waste from conveyor at recycling facility. Photograph: Huguette Roe/123RF

    25-year plan: Plastic waste targeted

    25-year plan promises to extend 5p carrier bag charge to all retailers and hints at plan to introduce taxes to reduce single use plastics waste

  • Coffee cup and coffee beans Photograph: Somsak Sudthangtum/123RF

    ‘Latte levy’ targets 100% coffee cup recycling

    The Commons’ Environmental Audit Committee says that if a levy on disposable coffee cups doesn’t result in 100% cup recycling by 2023, the beverage containers should be banned

  • Michael Gove. Photograph: DEFRA

    Brexit puts ‘significant strain’ on DEFRA

    Brexit and repeated resource cuts have left DEFRA struggling to fulfil its duties, forcing it to review and de-prioritise aspects of its workload, according to the National Audit Office

  • Dominic Hogg

    Deposit return schemes: what’s taking so long?

    Despite the evidence for the success of deposit refund schemes in cutting packaging litter, there is a baffling level of resistance to the idea from myriad – and often unexpected – parties, says Dominic Hogg

  • UK commits to working with UN to combat marine plastic waste. Photograph: Tetyana Kochneva/123RF

    Plastic litter cleanup pledge signed by UK

    The UK signed up to 13 resolutions at the UN Environmental Assembly in Nairobi including the control of plastic waste and fighting antimicrobial resistance

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