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  • The budget could threaten the viability of new renewable capacity. Photograph: 123RF

    Budget buries freeze on renewables support

    There will be no new funding for low-carbon energy until its effects on consumer bills is reduced, says the Treasury

  • The WRA's fire prevention plan template is now expected to be published in the spring. Photograph: Wood Recyclers Association

    Wood recyclers bemoan EA fire plan delays

    Wood recyclers hoping to benefit from a new fire prevention plan template this month will have to wait until spring 2018 because of delays from the EA

  • Kieran King pleaded guilty to three waste offences at Newry Magistrates’ Court. Photograph: Eric Jones/

    Illegal skip hire boss prosecuted

    The boss of an illegal skip hire firm, who was caught with a thousand tonnes of waste on his site, has been brought to justice

  • Erosion of solid waste materials from East Tilbury landfill in the Thames Estuary. Photograph: Dr James H Brand/Queen Mary University of London

    Erosion fears for coastal landfill sites

    Around 10% of historic coastal and estuarine landfills around England are at risk of eroding and releasing solid waste into the sea, according to a new study

  • Infographic icon

    Infographic: Fly-tipping incidents snowball over five years

    Incidents of fly-tipping are on the increase, according to the latest DEFRA figures

  • After remediation, the former coking works site gained planning permission for a development including homes and a nature reserve

    Taking site clean-up to the next level

    Nearly 40 years of operations left the soil, river and groundwater near the former Avenue coking works in Derbyshire badly polluted. Rachel Salvidge reports on a massive clean-up operation and restoration project with multiple challenges

  • Gareth Simkins, writer, ENDS Report

    The surprising Mr Gove

    Gareth Simkins: Although it is still early days, warnings of Michael Gove’s baleful influence on the environment appear misplaced.

  • Playground surfaces made from old tires meet end-of-waste criteria as a new product. Photograph: 123RF

    New beginning for the end

    Closure of the Environment Agency’s ‘definition of waste panel’ sent mixed messages on achieving end of waste but what does its reopening say about it, and what have we learned from its absence? Conor McGlone investigates

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