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  • Emma Howard Boyd. Photograph: Environment Agency

    EA chair gives plans to rebuild trust in water sector a cautious welcome

    The chair of the Environment Agency has cautiously welcomed plans outlined by the water regulator for 'rebuilding public trust in the water sector', but reiterated her call for tougher sanctions for environmental breaches by water firms

  • Bewl Water reservoir, Kent

    Ofwat handed new fee charging guidance from DEFRA

    New guidance on charges and fees for bulk supply or bulk discharge of water and wastewater in England has been published by DEFRA

  • Mike Lodge Comment

    Conserve water supplies or face severe consequences

    Mike Lodge: The media spotlight on water pollution and demand for action at unprecedented levels serve as warnings to industry leaders to act now to safeguard the environment and public health

  • Farmoor reservior

    Thames Water plans for chronic water shortages

    Greater abstraction of water from the Thames and a new reservoir in Oxfordshire are among Thames Water’s plans for meeting rising demand in the south east

  • Field with trees and stream. Photograph: David Ronald Head/123RF

    25-year environment plan splits opinion

    The highly-anticipated 25-year environment plan has split opinion with some saying it ‘lacks teeth and urgency’ while others praise its scope and ambition

  • Sheep grazing on farmland in Devon. Photograph: Savo Ilic/123RF

    Water quality ‘could suffer after Brexit’

    Diffuse pollution from farming could reverse improvements in drinking water quality, the condition of rivers and the quality of bathing waters once the UK leaves the EU, according to researchers

  • Michael Gove. Photograph: DEFRA

    Brexit puts ‘significant strain’ on DEFRA

    Brexit and repeated resource cuts have left DEFRA struggling to fulfil its duties, forcing it to review and de-prioritise aspects of its workload, according to the National Audit Office

  • Water is being taken from some rivers and aquifers unsustainably. Photograph: Jon Ingall/123RF

    DEFRA sets out abstraction reform plans

    The EA will crack down on abstraction licences, develop catchment strategies, integrate licensing into permitting regulations, review charges and digitise the whole licensing system

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