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  • Bevan is mulling changing water quality definitions. Photograph: Michael Charles/123RF

    England to miss 2027 water quality targets

    England will miss its already deferred water quality targets out to 2027, according to Environment Agency chief James Bevan

  • Erosion of solid waste materials from East Tilbury landfill in the Thames Estuary. Photograph: Dr James H Brand/Queen Mary University of London

    Erosion fears for coastal landfill sites

    Around 10% of historic coastal and estuarine landfills around England are at risk of eroding and releasing solid waste into the sea, according to a new study

  • Environment secretary Michael Gove. Photograph: Parliament TV

    Gove mulls Environmental Protection Bill

    An Environmental Protection Act and a national policy statement underpinning environmental principles are being considered by the environment secretary

  • East Dartmoor nature reserve piloted the approach. Photograph: daniyaros/123RF

    Natural capital accounting risks identified

    Natural England’s natural capital accounting pilots reveal the approach may not be suitable for monitoring and valuing national nature reserves

  • England's natural environment continues to decline. Photograph: Georgios Alexandris/123RF

    England’s wildlife in ‘critical decline’

    The health of England’s species and habitats is deteriorating across the board, according to DEFRA’s latest natural environment statistics

  • Most exempt abstractions will end in 2020. Photograph: Andrei Nekrassov/123RF

    DEFRA to crack down on abstractions

    All major water usage in England and Wales will be brought under the abstraction licensing system when DEFRA ends license exemptions in 2020

  • Groundwater is protected where it is important for drinking water supply and maintaining rivers baseflows. Photograph: Helen Hotson/123RF

    Environment Agency updates groundwater vulnerability maps

    The Environment Agency has updated its groundwater vulnerability maps to include improved data and help regulators, planners and developers gauge the likely viability of projects

  • River Tamar in Devon has a legacy of contamination, particularly from its mining past. Photograph: Helen Hotson/Alamy Stock Photo

    Rise of the zombie pollutants

    Climate change is stirring up historic contaminated sediments from England’s rivers and little is being done to clean them up, as Rachel Salvidge discovers

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